Story of Ira’s Creation

deAsra Foundation had the opportunity to be a part of a vibrant workshop for young college enthusiasts – our future generation of entrepreneurs.  Here is an inspiring story from the workshop held at the Garware College, Pune that can ignite the other young entrepreneurial minds.

Rashmi Mehta is a true nature-lover. She wants others to understand and adopt this love for
nature. This affection towards nature led her to start Ira’s creation. Ira’s Creation specializes
in Kokedama plants. Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental
plant grows.

Rashmi’s knew nothing about these plants. Her journey began by watching YouTube tutorials
on ways of making Kokedama plants. In addition, she also joined classes to excel. Like most
of the entrepreneurs, Rashmi, too, faced a number of losses in the beginning. Her biggest loss
was while delivering a huge order to Bangalore, when all her plants were damaged due to
heavy rains. But again, like most entrepreneurs, she decided to learn from her mistake. She
ensured that such a mistake would not repeat itself.

This portrays how dedicated Rashmi is. For her, brand image and proper delivery are of
utmost importance. Along with this, she also focusses on customer satisfaction. To bridge the
gap between her love for plants and bonding with customers, Rashmi informs her customers
on how to take proper care of the plants. She resolves all the doubts that are raised by her

Rashmi’s major sources of marketing are her social groups and word-of-mouth publicity. Due
to her focus on customer’s needs she is identified as a considerate entrepreneur. She believes
that bouquets are a waste as the flowers become frail after a few days, whereas plants grow
and are essential for the environment. So, people should consider gifting plants. Therefore,
Rashmi is doing her bit for the environment which makes her a responsible citizen and