How To Start An Online Clothing Store?

August 7th , 2019
Category: Fashion Business

In this age and times of Instagram and daily OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) updates, clothes not just maketh you, but define you too. Add to that a list of must-have accessories as well, because fashion is now not just about what you wear but how you style it too. Fashion and how you dress up has never seen a Read More…

Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

August 5th , 2019
Category: Business Ideas

Aspiring entrepreneurs often shy away from businesses that deal with manufacturing as they consider it a labour intensive and resource-intensive business that can only be carried out on a large scale. But that is far from reality. In fact, small scale manufacturing businesses are ideal to start with and are more likely to flourish as they make progress one baby Read More…

How To Start A Transportation Business?

August 2nd , 2019
Category: Blog Post

Transportation is defined as the conveyance of goods and passengers from one place to another and is the inevitable link between most businesses, the link between manufacturers and retailers, between suppliers and manufacturers, between the retailers and the consumers or end-users. Transportation is an essential activity in the logistics function, supporting the economic utilities of place and time. Transportation helps Read More…

Andaman- Aitihasik Paryatan Udyog

July 31st , 2019
Category: Yashaswi Udyojak

The Heritage Tourism Business In Andaman  The Marathi people are reminded of ‘Swatantrayaveer Savarkar’ and his grim punishment at the Cellular Jail at the mention of ‘Andaman’. The mere thought of the Prison and the Sea of Andaman is enough to send shivers down one’s spine. The islands there are too beautiful to miss as well. Captain Nilesh Gaikwad was Read More…

Location – It’s Importance In The Success Of A Business

July 26th , 2019
Category: Blog Post

“Location, location, location” are the three things real estate agents insist on while determining the desirability of any property. The same “location” plays a vital role in the success of a business as well. Consider, for instance, the scenario where the owner of the new boutique kept wondering why people were not visiting his shop despite having the trendiest stock Read More…

Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

July 23rd , 2019
Category: Blog Post

As a new entrepreneur, you have after contemplating for a considerable amount of time, finally taken the plunge and started your own small business and are raring to go. You have considered every aspect about setting up and running the business, taken care of the formalities and legalities, studied and set up at the optimal location and were successful in Read More…

Debtors Management

July 20th , 2019

A Case Study   Shabnam and Sarika studied Fashion designing from a reputed Institute. After graduation they parted their company. However, after sometime they again met in an Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP) organised by a Govt. organisation. They discussed their college days and how they should now be serious about starting the business. Both were from different towns, though stayed in Read More…

How To Start A Manufacturing Business?

July 17th , 2019
Category: Blog Post

Earlier, starting a manufacturing business was difficult due to a lack of innovation in terms of machinery, equipment and techniques of carrying out the manufacturing process and also due to costly capital expenditures, but now with the changing times, evolving technologies and the ease of securing loans has made it relatively easy to start a manufacturing business. Manufacturing businesses are Read More…

Solar Electric System for Housing Society

July 14th , 2019
Category: Mentor Speak

Solar Electric System for Housing Society Residential Solar Electricity Solar Electricity is an excellent solution for Housing Societies & Residences to reduce the Electricity bill by as much as 80-90%. As most people are not well versed with the Technology, there is a fear factor inhibiting the execution of this choice. In our Society, I have successfully executed a 46kW Read More…

How To Acquire A Restaurant Business Loan?

July 10th , 2019

Securing a seat at any of the restaurants in the city without a reservation over the weekend is like a mini-miracle given the number of people visiting restaurants these days. Eating out is no longer a special event like before but a must-do for most families over the weekend, where they unwind and visit new restaurants and try new cuisines. Read More…

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