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July 2022 Newsletter

July 2022 Newsletter

Greetings from deAsra Foundation!

deAsra Foundation has been nurturing entrepreneurship for over 6 years and has shaped the lives of 1 Lac+ entrepreneur. In order to positively impact the entrepreneurial ecosystem, we have also started engaging in research and policy advocacy while leveraging our experience of working with entrepreneurs, community partners and service providers. We are also actively collaborating with entrepreneurship development organisations to design & implement on-ground entrepreneurship programs. We are eager to share some of our recent achievements with you!

Need for Re-Classification of MSMEs: A Case for Tiny, Nano & Micro Enterprises

Nano businesses are just as viable as micro, small, or midsize businesses but largely with informal orientation. Consequently, the government needs to recognize nano businesses and the important role they play in the economy. More attention is therefore required on nano business policy interventions to tackle the obstacles to ease of setting up and doing business in the country are suggested. Once a business-friendly environment that makes business excel easily, is provided by the government – infrastructure, regulatory, national policy interventions in particular, a business can strive and scale up quickly to deliver and create jobs to support economic growth.

Find the detailed working paper here

Defining Financial Inclusion Parameters for Nano Enterprises: A Case for Tiny, Nano & Micro Enterprises

Examining financial inclusion in the context of growth for India, it plays a role in inculcating the habit of saving, providing formal credit avenues in order to eradicate the importance of local money lenders. Whilst many studies have illustrated various parameters to measure financial inclusion in India, for both individuals and enterprises, it is hard to differentiate from the already established indices if there are enough insights on the inclusion of the nano segment of the economy. Thus, a focused analysis is needed to account for nano specific data and gauge financial inclusion parameters against the specific needs and characteristics of these nano enterprises.

Find the detailed working paper here

Discussing exhibitions as a market linkage for small businesses

Market Linkages has been a challenge for all entrepreneurs, especially the nano and micro entrepreneurs. Acknowledging this need, deAsra Foundation sought to explore different avenues/channels to assist the entrepreneurs in the best possible ways to get access to markets relevant to their business. Spice making business is a competitive business and most small sized businesses do not survive because they are competing with larger companies selling at much cheaper prices as they have achieved economies of scale. However, one of the most prominent routes for small sized spice making businesses is through D2C channels like exhibitions.

Find the detailed note here

Choosing a business in the food industry over exploring the job market

Kartik, a food entrepreneur decided to not explore the job market and instead try his hand at running a food business. As he illustrates his growth story, here are some important mantras he learnt through his business journey:

  • It’s important to keep upgrading yourself
  • Ensure you get regular feedback from regular customers
  • Be involved personally in each and every activity associated with your business

Find the detailed story here

If you have any queries or want to collaborate with deAsra on research/policy advocacy work in the space of entrepreneurship, please get in touch with:

Pradnya Godbole (CEO, deAsra Foundation) at


Anshika Kushwaha (Lead- Research & Policy Advocacy – deAsra Foundation) at

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For details on deAsra’s monthly achievements and information on deAsra’s entrepreneurs, please refer to the latest edition of the Monthly Dashboard – Click Here

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