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How To Create A Business YouTube Channel?

How To Create A Business YouTube Channel?

Marketing is one of the vital factors that every and any business must consider and plan at great length. Marketing is an effective way of engaging the customer and is needed to build and maintain the reputation of the business. Chiefly, marketing is necessary for building a customer base for the business and maintaining it too and also, helping reach out to a wider audience. A business might be innovative or providing superior quality products and services but without marketing techniques, the quality or the product will not reach the audiences.

Marketing is often not considered an integral part of the business, especially when planning the essential factors while starting a new business but marketing has several advantages, highlighting its importance for every business and therefore justifying the need to plan the marketing strategies in advance while starting a new business.

Advantages Of Marketing

Some of the many advantages of marketing for a business include-

Promotes The Business

Marketing helps to promote the business, the products or the services. Promotion helps the audience become aware of the existence of the business and its vision.

Increases The Sales

Marketing helps increase the sales of the business, especially through promotion of the business, whether it is increasing in the sales of the products or the services that the business has to offer.

Reaches To Wider Audience

When businesses promote their products/services or their business itself via marketing, they reach out to an audience much wider than they can achieve by just operating from the store or via word of mouth. Especially with digital marketing techniques, the business can reach out to audiences across the globe, crossing physical, geographical barriers.

Helps in growth of the business

If you’re wondering how to grow your business successfully, marketing is the number one factor that amplifies the growth of the business.

Helps Convey Needs Of Consumers

As business owners reach out to a wider audience via marketing and promote their business, they also get to understand the needs and requirements of the consumers. Marketing strategies help businesses understand what the customer requires and can thus help fill the lacuna or improve their product or service to fill the gap.

Creates Business Branding

Marketing helps create a brand for the business which the audience recognises and associates the business with, thus helping create a lasting impression in the minds of the audience and building a brand as well as a positive image for the business.

In this digital age, every business has an online presence or is getting a digital identity, if they haven’t already. Owing to the growing number of consumers relying on digital platforms and websites for their shopping needs and various other purchases as well as requirements, it is imperative for businesses to embrace digital technology too and have an online presence. Digital marketing is one of the main sources of advertising in the present times and downloading the digital marketing checklist further helps understand the various means and avenues through which digital marketing can be carried out, along with its importance. In fact, many businesses are now incorporating digital marketing techniques, mainly by having a website along with a social media network account such as a Facebook or Instagram account, where they talk about and market their business. Many businesses are present on e-commerce websites too, thus reaching out to a wider audience and helping their business grow across boundaries. But one platform that several businesses tend to ignore or undermine the importance of is YouTube marketing via a YouTube channel.

YouTube is a video sharing service where the users can watch videos as well as like them, share them, comment on them and even upload their own videos. These videos and the service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets, televisions and via mobile phones. YouTube is a notable channel through which businesses can market themselves, reach out to several consumers, increase their sales and even talk about their business goals, objectives and vision. YouTube marketing can be carried via a YouTube channel but entrepreneurs are unsure of what exactly is YouTube marketing and how to create a business youtube channel to market their business.

What Is YouTube Marketing?

Before you understand how to create a business youtube channel, you need to learn its benefits. YouTube marketing is described as marketing via videos or through a channel created on YouTube for the business. The YouTube channel is where the business owners can organize their video content for their audiences and are technically the owner of the channel to their business. As a channel owner, the business owners can add videos, links, and information about themselves or about their channel for visitors to explore. These video channels are beneficial for all kinds of businesses, and even if the channels do not help make direct sales for businesses, they can help promote it, spread information about the products or the service.

Advantages Of Marketing Via YouTube Channel For The Business

  • A YouTube channel for a business gives the audience access to more content than they can acquire from other means of advertising and marketing. The additional content answers most of their queries, thus making the audience come back often for the information and the content. For example, if a cosmetic business has a channel, it talks about the products at length, their exact usage, method, their benefits etc. which can be helpful to the users. Similarly if a business is offering a service, the channel helps talk about it in detail, which might not be possible on other marketing mediums.
  • People access YouTube not just specifically to view a particular business channel but for recreational purposes to and the audience apart from the targeted one might also chance upon the business channel, thus driving traffic to the business channel as well as the website. Thus a YouTube channel acts as an extra source of traffic for the business in the form of surfers who accidently chance upon the videos and thus the business.
  • A Youtube channel helps create a closer personal connection with the consumers. A video let’s the audience view the business owner or see the product or service rather than read about it on the blog or website and the viewing of the video helps the audience relate to the content and connect with it, thus helping create a personal connection.
  • A YouTube channel for the business helps gives the business a more modern image, one that portrays the business to be in-sync with the new technology. Earlier there were blogs and photos, and now videos are the latest trend which help modernize the business and embrace the new technologies and trends, thus catering to the technology savvy audience too.
  • A YouTube channel for the business attracts more users, has more content and thus is an additional avenue for advertising the business as well as acts as a medium through which other businesses can advertise (via the business channels), thus creating an additional source of income for the business.
  • A YouTube channel provides the business with a creative outlet, where the business owners can express themselves more artistically and innovatively, which is not completely possible to achieve via photographs.

These are just some of the many advantages of creating a YouTube channel for a business. However, just knowing the benefits might not suffice if the business owners do not know how to create a brand account on YouTube, and the steps below will elaborate on the relatively easy process of creating a YouTube channel.

How To Create A Business YouTube Channel?

how to create a business YouTube channel

A business YouTube channel is like having the business’s own TV channel or homepage on YouTube platform where the business can add videos, content and even advertise their business along with displaying their logo, graphics, descriptions, etc. The steps to create a business YouTube channel are as follows-

Step 1-Create Google Account

The first step is to have a Google account, if the entrepreneur or the business does not have one already. The account can be created by going to and clicking on the ‘Sign In’ option, which is present on the upper right hand corner. This will direct the user to a Google sign in page where the ‘more options’ tab needs to be selected. This gives an option to ‘create account’ through which a Google account can be created for the business, by creating a user id and password. If the business or entrepreneur already has a Google account this step is not necessary. However, in case of multiple Google accounts, it is important to check which account the business channel needs to be associated with.

Step 2- Sign In To YouTube

Once the Google account is created, the next step is to sign into YouTube. Usually this sign-in happens automatically if the email id or Google account is already logged in, as the YouTube channel is under the many platforms handled by Google. Once logged in, the next step to create the channel is to click on the user icon on the upper right hand corner. A drop down menu appears, from which the ‘settings’ option needs to be selected.

Step 3- Create A Channel Via A Brand Account

Once the user logs in to YouTube and clicks the user icon and goes to ‘settings’, information regarding the user will be displayed along with ‘additional features’ and the option to ‘create a new channel’. This needs to be selected, which will direct the user to create a ‘Brand Account’. A brand account needs to be created for the channel and the account can have a different name from that of the user but it must be kept in mind that while selecting the brand account name, it must reflect on the brand of the business and to the brand that will appear on the channel. The name must not differ much from that of the business. The channel can be for a product or brand or it can be for an organisation or company or it can be for arts, sports, entertainment, etc. After selecting the name, ‘create’ must be selected, thus creating a channel. This channel will be visible now along with the user’s personal account while selecting the ‘back’ option.

Step 4- Optimise The Channel

Once the channel has been created, now it needs to be optimised for it to be easily discovered. On the dashboard for the channel, the ‘customise channel’ icon needs to be selected. This will direct the user to the homepage where on the right hand corner will be a cogwheel symbol which needs to be selected and further ‘advanced settings’ need to be opted for.

Basic information regarding the channel will be entered under this option, such as the country the channel is based out of, along with the keywords the channel wants to be associated with. These keywords must be selected carefully as they will direct the traffic towards the business page.

Step 5- Customise The Channel

The next step includes adding information to customise the channel, which can be done via two methods- descriptive details and visualisation. The descriptive details and links, etc can be added by selecting the ‘About’ tab on the channel’s dashboard. Here details of the channel, its description and links to other web pages associated with the business, such as Facebook page, website, etc can be added. These links will then be visible on the profile page banner of the channel.

The next is to add visuals to the channel, starting with a profile photo for the business channel. If the business YouTube channel is linked to a brand account, the profile image needs to be updated in the ‘About’ section of the Google account (this is also true for the channel name). This can be changed by clicking on ‘change’ under the profile icon and further clicking on ‘Edit’ where the brand account information, including the profile photo can be edited and added.

The banner image for the page can be added via the dashboard by selecting the pencil icon on the right hand corner and choosing ‘edit channel art’ tab. The image must be selected carefully by checking how it will appear on the laptop, desktop and mobile.

Step 6- Add Videos And Optimise Them

The channel is now ready and the videos can be added to the channel. However, while adding the videos, it must be ensured that the videos have titles, descriptions (in 1000 words maximum), tags and are also labelled under certain categories so that users making similar searches can view the business channel.

These are the basic steps to create a business channel on YouTube and help the business grow and benefit from being on YouTube. In case of further queries and doubts regarding how to create a business YouTube channel and how to use it wisely to reach a wider audience and generate more business, business owners can visit deAsra page or contact the foundation for assistance.

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