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Re-Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Plan To Make It Effective With Marketing Assessment Tool

Re-Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Plan To Make It Effective With Marketing Assessment Tool

Marketing is vital for businesses and is in fact an indispensable component for the success of any business. Marketing refers to the action and activities a business undertakes to promote buying or selling of its products or service. This includes market research, advertising, selling and delivering the products to consumers or to other businesses. Marketing is key for every business to gain the attention of the key potential audience.

In this digital age, marketing via digital mediums is a must and is the obvious transitional step that businesses must take to reach out to the global audience, who spends a large part of their day on digital mediums. Having a digital marketing plan is not a choice but a must for businesses to tap into the several opportunities that digital mediums provide in terms of marketing and helping the business grow. Businesses can master social media marketing strategies to apply them productively to the benefit of their business. 

An effective digital marketing plan helps the business reach out to its target audience, improve the sales of the business, communicate with the customers and gain insight into the business. But how would you know if your marketing strategy is effective or not? It is important to evaluate the existing marketing strategy to find out if it is helping the business or hampering it. Businesses can take an opt for Marketing Assessment Tool offered by deAsra to assess their existing marketing strategy and evaluate its performance.

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Evaluate Your Digital Marketing Plan

digital marketing plan

It is clear that marketing is a vital element for the success of every business and that it is essential to have an effective marketing strategy in place. But it is equally vital to evaluate the marketing plan from time to time to ensure that is it working in favour of the business. Evaluating the digital marketing plan helps understand if the marketing strategies are in sync with the business goal. It is therefore important to evaluate the marketing strategy routinely to ensure that it is effective for the business.

Businesses can ask themselves the following questions to re-evaluate their existing online marketing plan and implement necessary changes to improve its performance.

  • Does The Marketing Plan Fulfill The Business Goal?

The first step in re-evaluating the digital marketing plan is to find out if it is fulfilling the specific business goals. If the objectives and goals of the business are not met, the marketing plan needs to be re-evaluated.

  • Does The Business Have A Significant Digital Presence?

The main objective of a digital marketing plan is to create a significant presence for the business on various digital platforms and tap into the significant audience present on these platforms. But if the business does not have a presence on the various social media platforms, the digital marketing plan is clearly not working and needs to be re-evaluated.

  • Is The Marketing Strategy Reaching The Target Audience?

A marketing plan needs to reach out to the niche, target audience of the business. Simply being on the various social networks does not suffice if the followers on these platforms are not likely customers. The marketing strategy needs to be re-evaluated if the digital platform followers of the business are not the target audience.

  • Is The Marketing Plan Giving Desired Returns?

The end goal of any marketing plan is to convert the marketing activities into sales for the business or obtain a return on the investment.  If the existing digital marketing plan is not providing the desired returns then the marketing plan needs to be re-evaluated.

Marketing Assessment Tool To Make Your Digital Marketing Plan Effective

digital marketing plan 

An assessment of the marketing plan will help businesses pinpoint exactly what part of their digital marketing plan is not working and what changes need to be implemented.

The Marketing Assessment tool offered by deAsra is just the tool to help re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

digital marketing plan

The tool, which is for existing small businesses, preferably those that have been operational for 12 months or more, is accessible free of cost. The tool helps entrepreneurs understand the 7 basic components of marketing so that they can check if their online marketing plan is effective and if it is delivering the expected results. The components covered include customer segmentation, product positioning and pricing, competition among other marketing basics. These components will be introduced to help assess the business’s marketing performance. To access the marketing assessment tool, entrepreneurs simply need to agree to the terms and conditions stipulated.

digital marketing plan

As an added benefit along with the assessment tool, entrepreneurs can also Avail Expert Consultation session offered by deAsra. A one-time usasable discount coupon code for an Expert Consultation session is offered at the end of the assessment. This coupon code for a 10% discount for the Expert Consultation session can be used within 15 days for a one-to-one hour-long session with a marketing expert to evaluate the business performance and gather valuable insights and suggestions. The experts can also provide additional strategies to improve the digital marketing plan, thereby positively improving the business performance.


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