deAsra’s Expanding Entrepreneurial Community

Entrepreneurship has started gaining prominence in recent years and a slight push will pace up this movement. In 2015, deAsra Foundation was founded to amp up this movement. deAsra Foundation was started with the vision of helping entrepreneurs to Start, Manage & Grow their businesses. 

Our Founder, Dr Anand Deshpande shared that the only way to cope up with the ever-increasing giant of Unemployment is to boost Mass entrepreneurship, and thereby, create jobs.

It was with deAsra’s online portal that this journey marked its first milestone in May 2019. deAsra crossed the 25k mark of supported businesses and barely 6 months down the line, deAsra helped 50k entrepreneurs with its wide range of knowledge resources.

The number 50k was not derived overnight. The sea was formed with a lot of streams blending in together. The infographic below gives the details of sources through which the 50,000k number is built.

deAsra is trying to reach masses irrespective of age, state or business and is boosting Mass Entrepreneurship. 

Businesses are not built with a wand’s wave but are formed brick by brick. There are a lot of things that go into the making of a successful enterprise. An entrepreneur may feel overwhelmed with all the tasks like business planning, idea validation, legal licenses, funding proposal creation and more. Thus, deAsra provides entrepreneurs with all the important factors needed for building a business.

A cumulative approach to the needs of entrepreneurs led to a full-fledged online platform which consists of services, checklists, tools and templates, sector-specific business information and more…

deAsra’s resources were crafted by experts to make entrepreneurs journey a smooth one. 

To learn more about deAsra, visit 

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