October 2019

How To Start A Shoe Business?

October 7th , 2019
Category: Fashion Business

They say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, albeit, in a fabulous pair of shoes. Shoes are an integral part of every person’s wardrobe and a necessary accessory too. Unlike other accessories that are for adornment only, shoes are a practical necessity or how else would you walk around and get to places. Apart from Read More…

Essentials Of A Poultry Business Plan

October 4th , 2019

A poultry farm is a remunerative business idea that is fast gaining popularity as one of the rapidly growing businesses, especially in the rural areas. Poultry farming is sometimes defined as a type of agriculture, where instead of crops, birds are raised commercially either for meat or for their eggs or both. The birds raised can be any from chicken, Read More…

Entreprenuer Excellence Awards 2019

October 1st , 2019
Category: Blog Post

We started conducting Entrepreneur Excellence Awards from 2017 with a view of promoting entrepreneurship and celebrating the successful journeys of our entrepreneurs. We knew that EEA19 was around the corner and had started prepping at a steady pace for the same. It all started when our date was preponed from October to September 18th considering the availability of our esteemed Read More…