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25 tips for budding entrepreneurs from our Special 25!

25 tips for budding entrepreneurs from our Special 25!

deAsra has successfully completed one year. And as part of our celebrations, we spent some time on introspecting the year gone by. What stood out from that introspection session are some solid tips from our very own Special 25 entrepreneurs (This has nothing to do with the movie- Special 26, please note! J ); these are entrepreneurs whom deAsra has helped in launching their dreams in the real world.

We are sharing those special 25 tips with you. Test these, practise these and do not forget to share with us your experiences.

Here’s to the Special 25!

  1. Money is not everything. In the beginning, also enjoy the feeling, the action and small successes, the journey.
  1. Get all the help you can. Support systems are called so for a reason. Get all the help – from family, friends, well-wishers, neighbours, maids, friends’ friends, neighbours’ neighbour, cousins, friends of cousin.
  1. Even if you have a small team, delegate work. Together, you can achieve a great deal. Individually, you may not.
  1. Set small achievable goals. Daily goals, weekly goals. Monitor them. Work to achieve these goals. Develop your own goal app, in your diary.
  1. Go back to school. Learn something new every day. It may be in your field of business, it may not. But learn something new every day.
  1. Meet new people at every given opportunity. You never know who might come in handy.
  1. Work on building good relationships. They will last you a lifetime.
  1. Invest in your health. Exercise often. Follow a good diet. Health is wealth. Especially, when you have miles to go, good health is good to have.
  1. Think of your achievements like a marathoner. You have to better your own performance. Once you do that, you will have something better than your competition too.
  1. Don’t expect magic in two minutes. Entrepreneurship is not Maggi.

    Few deAsra enabled candidates
  1. Keep your eyes and ears open. Many businessmen say “We have no competition.” If you don’t my friend, then you don’t have a market, probably.
  1. Even small savings matter when you are starting up. Save, don’t squander.
  1. You may not afford to wear expensive clothes for your meetings, but you can dress up your confidence.
  1. Entrepreneurship is truly like a ship that is setting sail. Don’t abandon ship, when you think it is sinking (and you may feel like this often); remember you are the Captain of this Ship.
  1. You need to be a multi-tasker. But you cannot afford to ignore your core area of expertise. Try and improve what you do best. Example, if you are a good cook and have opened a café, try and spend more time in the kitchen than you would spend elsewhere.
  1. Tie-ups are in. People are willing to collaborate today more than they were yesterday. Collaborations help both parties grow more, faster.
  1. Don’t be afraid of failure. You may fail a hundred times. But get up stronger each time. You can do it!
  1. Listen to your gut, your heart. When you are faced with a major decision, always ensure that while you think from your head, you also double check with your heart and gut. Such decisions rarely go wrong.
  1. Learn from other success stories. But also learn from others’ failures. Learn what not to do, when you are in business
  1. Don’t hesitate to ask. You cannot know everything – even about the business you are in. Just ask for help. That will make you more credible and more likable.

    Few deAsra enabled candidates
  1. Be sure to spread word about your business. Simply telling what you are into, does not amount to trumpeting.
  1. Wake up with a smile. It changes your outlook, your response to everything. And miracles start happening. Try it for a week and see how things change.
  1. Be like Gandhiji’s 3 wise monkeys –tweaking it slightly: Speak no ill, see no ill, hear no ill. And think no ill. Have those monkeys parked on the shelf in your office, opposite your chair.
  1. Write a cheque addressed to yourself with the amount you wish to earn in one year from the day of starting up. Keep that cheque in a box and see it lovingly every day, thrice. At the end of the year, you would have probably earned the amount through your business. Jim Carrey, Hollywood’s popular actor did it. He wrote himself a cheque of a million dollars when he was a struggling actor in Hollywood. And he got a million-dollar contract soon followed by unprecedented fame and success.
  1. Last but not the least, before you sleep every day and once you wake up, say your Thank You to the Almighty for all the good he has done you. Gratitude is a friend of fortune.

These are real tips from real entrepreneurs who have just set sail on their long journey. They are following these tips. We are sure you would love to try them out too.

Best wishes from our Special 25!

Bon Voyage for your journey on your ship – Entrepreneurship!

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