Team deAsra
deAsra – A Journey Of Living and Serving

deAsra – A Journey Of Living and Serving

My journey with deAsra started 6 and a half months ago, when I joined as an intern, and later started working as a facilitator. It’s been said that “If you believe in what you do, then success is just around the corner.” And that is exactly what I experienced while working at deAsra.

We here, at deAsra, believe in our work and operate as a team. After working here for these few months, I have found that the knowledge platform that we are sharing with people is in sync with the need of the current world. There are a number of people out there who are passionate to start their own business but feel the need for guidance from experts for their start-up venture. They are looking for someone who will not just provide them with a specific service but someone who will extend overall support for their business idea. And that’s where deAsra comes into the picture to hold their hand and guide as well as empower them to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

I recollect a call with a customer from Kolhapur, who had an existing manufacturing business since the last 10 years, and had called to enquire regarding  facilitation of loan. During that call I explained to him about our new ‘Business Performance Tool’ as well, which he really liked and he availed it immediately along with the loan facilitation service.

Our team prepares different knowledge checklists and tools that are available on the online platform and from which people on a PAN INDIA level can and are getting benefited and are successfully adopting it to their business.

With each call that I answer every single day,  I feel that I am taking a small but significant step towards helping out people with their day-to-day difficulties faced in their business and contributing towards achieving their dreams, and making a small but significant contribution rather than just earning money at the job. I have experienced that people approach us with so much faith and belief in the Foundation, that they often say to me, “Ma’am, only you can suggest what should I do to solve my problem, please tell me how to go ahead.” And that’s when I feel proud that I am not talking to them just as Neha Pailwan but as the face of deAsra Foundation.

Each day at deAsra brings memorable and enriching experiences, even as we work towards achieving the mission of deAsra, which is to help as many as individuals out there who are looking for business solutions.

For me, it is a great opportunity that I can directly contribute towards the vision of Dr. Anand Deshpande with my work and efforts. This is my first job, and I didn’t realise when I became a part of the deAsra team, and my soul is happy and grateful for this wonderful opportunity.


Article Contributor:

Neha Pailwan

Business Facilitator, deAsra

neha pailwan

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