Story of Vikrant Chaudhari

deAsra Foundation had the opportunity to be a part of a vibrant workshop for young college enthusiasts – our future generation of entrepreneurs.  Here is an inspiring story from the workshop held at the Garware College, Pune that can ignite the other young entrepreneurial minds.

At sixteen years of age, Vikrant Chaudhari has authored two books based on the stock
market. Vikrant was motivated by his mother to invest in stocks at the age of fourteen.
However, due to lack of knowledge, he started investigating about the stock market on his
own through videos, books and articles on Investopedia. He still found it difficult to
understand the nature of the stock market. But then grew fond of watching animated videos
related to the stock market and eventually learned technical terms through them.

Vikrant created a virtual account on Stock Trainer and started trading. His mother helped him
open a Demat account too. Over time he bought and sold stocks. Through them he mostly
made losses. After watching more videos, he learned about fundamental analysis. Even then,
he lost money. A huge loss was made on TATA Motors. Through constant learning, Vikrant
came across technical analysis of stocks. After getting completely acquainted with this,
Vikrant started buying stocks accordingly but still lost money. He gradually applied more
techniques and finally began making money.

Vikrant is the author of two books; Dollars on Cents and The Young Investor. While Dollars
on Cents focusses on the basics of stock market, The Young Investor sheds light on
fundamental analysis. Vikrant knew that for a beginner like him, understanding books like
The Intelligent Investor was difficult. Therefore, he saw a need and an opportunity to write a
book that describes technical terms in laymen ways.

Vikrant is a classic example of an individual who did not give up and always had the hunger
to learn. His immense knowledge as well as the desire to share this knowledge makes him
truly inspiring. His ability to take risks is also commendable. Vikrant mentions how he
wanted to provide something of value to others and write books in a way that it makes their
investment journey easier. Due to this vision, he truly is a youth icon.