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10 Tips To Quickly Be A Social Media Champ For Your Business

10 Tips To Quickly Be A Social Media Champ For Your Business

In today’s digital world every business, irrespective of its size needs to have a digital presence, especially on the various social media channels. Social media marketing has significantly changed the way businesses operate and market themselves. In fact, having a social media presence has become imperative for a business to reach out to its targeted audience and for it to succeed in today’s competitive times.

However, social media marketing is a relatively new and unchartered terrain for several businesses. Also with the ever-evolving platforms and the new trends and fads, it might become difficult for businesses to keep pace with them. However, the following basic social media marketing tips will help entrepreneurs make a social media start for their business and get them started on the journey to becoming a social champ. Also, with deAsra Foundation’s Social Champ program businesses learn social media marketing in depth and become more confident of using social media for the growth and expansion of their business.

10 Tips To Quickly Be A Social Media Champ For Your Business

The following social media marketing tips will help businesses ace the game and see their business grow. 

  • Conduct Research
    1. One of the most primary pointers to remember is to conduct thorough research and identify social media goals when aiming to become a social media champ for your business. When conducting research, entrepreneurs need to analyse the type of audience they want to target and reach out to that demographic and select group through their social media pages. Once the audience is identified, the next part of the research is to choose the right social media networks to reach out to that niche audience. For instance, if you are a clothing brand specialising in trendy western wear then your target audience is mostly teenagers and young adults. And this target group can easily be found on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, thus helping decide the networks you must focus media marketing tipssocial media marketing tipssocial media marketing tipssocial media marketing tipssocial media marketing tips
  •  Have A Consistent Schedule
    1. One of the most vital social media marketing tips to consider is to be consistent on all platforms. Entrepreneurs must plan a schedule for every day deciding what content they will be sharing and approximately at what time. A consistent posting schedule will ensure that the business presents an active social face. Also, having a schedule ensures that the social media marketing plan is given its due importance and not forgotten in the other tasks related to the management and operation of the business.
  •  Curate And Share
    1. When learning social media hacks, entrepreneurs must understand why customers follow the page and visit it repeatedly. It is not to only see promotional deals and business deals because eventually, they will lose interest if the content is the same. Customers come for what the page offers in terms of content. Therefore, entrepreneurs can curate content keeping in mind the interest of the audience and share on their social media platforms keeping these interests in mind. The content can be curated from various sources (related to the business) to make it interesting and can be shared.
  • Be Prompt 
    1. Another important social media marketing tip for your business to be a social champ is to be prompt along with being consistent. This means that entrepreneurs need to reply to messages, comments or any other form of communication promptly. This shows that the social media handle of the business is active and concerned about the customer and their opinion.
  • Cross-Promote Across Channels 
    1. Entrepreneurs learning to be social champs must know of this social media hack, which is to cross-promote their posts across channels on which the audience is present and likely to see the posts. This implies that firstly,  the business has a digital presence across several social media platforms as deemed suitable and where customers are likely to be found. Secondly, encouraging followers to visit the accounts on other social channels via cross-promotion helps drive traffic and interaction across all the channels.  Also, it creates an impression of an established and successful business that has a robust social media presence across platforms. Entrepreneurs can easily learn to cross-promote and learn other social media marketing tips and tricks by registering for the Social Champ program which provides hands-on training led by experts. 
  • Grow Your Audience 
    1. One of the crucial social media marketing tips is to grow the following of the business. The more the number of followers means more promotion and marketing of the business, greater awareness of the products or services of the business which subsequently leads to growth and expansion of the business. While looking at growing the audience it must be kept in mind to do so across all the channels and not be restricted to any one of the platforms or networks. 
  • Encourage Engagement 
    1. In order to be a social media marketing champ, businesses must think of ways to entertain and engage their audience to compel them to visit the account repeatedly.  Engagement can be encouraged by playing with the content and posting interesting material apart from original postings regarding the business, its products and services. This could include business-relevant industry articles or current events and news or even relevant memes and images.  Engagement can also be encouraged by posting emotionally stirring content or sharing videos that might be funny or instructional or educational. These are some of the ways in which engagement can be encouraged. Also, engagement means encouraging the followers to comment on the posts, message, inquire or express themselves and these must be acknowledged and replied to promptly.
  • Mix Up Content 
    1. Another important one of the social media marketing tips to remember is to avoid keeping things monotonous and to mix them up routinely. This means that businesses must steer clear of posting only written content, or only provide instructional or promotional content but must mix it up with videos, images and maybe even memes. Mixing up the content instead of having a fixed pattern will keep things interesting and retain the interest of the followers.
  • Be Interactive
    1. It is vital to know while learning social media marketing tips that just posting content and not encouraging the followers to engage with what is posted can be monotonous and boring. The business needs to encourage the audience to be interactive for them to be more involved with the business’s social media accounts. Interaction can be encouraged via polls, and quizzes, along with giveaways and contests and prizes. 
  • Monitor Insights
    1. The most vital of the social media marketing tips is to monitor the results after implementing all the tips. This helps give an insight into what worked for the business,  what needs more effort and what needs to be avoided. Monitoring insights and analyzing the results can be learnt or businesses can ask experts to handle it by opting for SMM services  (social media marketing services) such as those offered by deAsra.

Things To Avoid While Being A Social Media Champ For Your Business

While learning about social media marketing tips it is important to keep in mind what to avoid too while acing the various platforms for your business. 

  1. Avoid Signing-Up For Every Platform
  • Businesses must avoid excessive signing up on all the platforms just to be socially active. Entrepreneurs must identify the platforms best suited for their business and create accounts only on the ones where the target audience is found. Also, fewer social media accounts mean that businesses can devote more of their time and attention to those accounts that matter the most.
  •  For example, a food business can connect to interested audiences via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. They need not sign in on Twitter just to be socially active because it requires time and efforts to maintain all the social media accounts. 
  1. Avoid Excessive Posting
  • Another one of the social media hacks to remember is to avoid excessive posting. Approximately, 3 to 4 posts per week for each of the various platforms is enough to gain the attention of the audience and to gain followers. Excessive bombardment of information and posts can in fact have the opposite reaction than expected.
  1. Avoid Being Personal
  • Entrepreneurs who create social media accounts for their business must refrain from being personal and sharing information that is not relevant to the business. Additionally, entrepreneurs must ensure not to give out personal information on the various social media accounts, especially passwords and other important details.
  1. Avoid Engaging Spammers
  • Businesses must also consider another one of the important social media marketing tips to stay secure, which is to avoid spammers. There are several spammers present on the various social media networks who might make nasty comments or leave derogatory messages or might post links to phishing sites. It is best to ignore or block these spammers rather than interact and engage with them, as that may reflect badly on the image of the business.

These are some social media marketing tips highlighting things to remember as well as things to avoid in order to be a social champ for your business. Alternatively, entrepreneurs can always approach deAsra for their experienced advice and expert services in the field of social media marketing and management to make their business socially active and to be a social champ.

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