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What Are the Most Popular Startup Ideas for Bharat?

What Are the Most Popular Startup Ideas for Bharat?

When you hear the word startup, are you reminded of fresh out of college graduates in their Levi’s, coding on their laptops day in and day out? If you do believe this idea of a startup, we don’t blame you, because you live in India that spends half their life in air-conditioned Offices and Malls.

However, you would agree, minimum once a day, these “Indians” step out of their offices and malls for a cup of “kadak chai”. This tea stall is also a startup, run by a “Bhartiya entrepreneur”. They may not be able to spell out “entrepreneur”, but this sector contributes 75% to India’s employment.

Today, running a small business offers more financial freedom, honour, career choices than it did a decade back. One of the reasons for this shift is the recent development in the Indian startup ecosystem and the support that the Government is providing.

We at deAsra have partnered thousands of Made for Bharat entrepreneurs, and in this blog, we are listing the top 6 startup business ideas for these entrepreneurs.

Best Small Business Startup Ideas

  Academic Tutoring

best startup business ideas

The youth is the largest section of the population in India, and there goes a saying the “middle-class Indian parents will go hungry but provide for their children’s education”. Competition is such that students starting from Class I to college, regularly require tuition classes.

These classes are required for all kinds of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, History, English. If you are good at any of these subjects and enjoy teaching, then tuition classes could be your small business startup idea. To start off, print some flyers and distribute them near known schools and colleges near you. Soon enough, you’ll start getting calls for your first batch.

Tiffin Services

small business startup ideas

Don’t have an interest in teaching? That’s fine. There are a lot of other “jugaads” that can help you start your own business. People, who work in air-conditioned offices and lead a corporate life, often don’t have time to carry their meal. So instead, you can help them by starting your own tiffin delivery service. If they don’t have anybody to cook for them, you can offer meals as well. All you have to do is cook some regular ‘Indian’ meals that people love to eat during the lunchtime. Tiffin service is a successful small business startup idea today, and some good home cooking will surely get you more orders in no time.

Cab Services

new business startup ideas

Uber and Ola have become big brands in India. If you have around INR 3 lakh to invest, you can buy a second-hand car and start earning in thousands.

Cab companies offer incentives and bonus based on the number of trips taken in a day and the amount of income earned. If you love driving and have a valid driver’s license, this could be your small business startup idea. You can easily get started by visiting the nearest Ola or Uber city office. In case you do not find driving 8-10 hours a day interesting, you can also hire a driver and pay them a monthly salary to drive for you and still earn a decent amount of money every month.

Paying Guest or Mess

best startup business ideas

For those who have an extra apartment and want to use that to earn money, you can start with a paying guest or mess service. It’s easy to setup, and there are a lot of students and working professionals visiting the city who look for paying guest services.

All you need are a few beds. You can charge on a per bed basis and also offer two meals a day for an extra amount. This gives you an option for some extra income as well as saves them from buying their own vegetables and hiring a cook. This small business startup idea is best for those who want to run a business from the comfort of their home.

Local Food Joints

small business startup ideas

The young generation today love to do new things. They love eating western food and going to new restaurants. Offering American, Italian, and Middle Eastern fast foods like burgers, sandwiches, pasta and shawarma on the move to hungry college students or working professionals can be quite successful. One of the ‘cool’ ways to do so is by starting a food truck. Kiosk stores tend to eat up rent and establishment expenses while a mobile truck small business startup idea can service different areas depending on the rush hours.

Tailoring and Boutique

new business startup ideas

Another small business idea that almost never goes out of fashion is a tailoring or boutique shop. All you need is a small shop, and if you can recreate the most famous costumes and dresses that the Bollywood stars wear, you’ll surely have a long line in front of your store. Carry out a little research regarding how to start a boutique and what do you need, and you are good to go. Become a fashion expert in your area, and it could be your startup business idea.

Summing Up

In our opinion, there are thousands of unsung Bharat Entrepreneurship heroes whose stories go unnoticed. We will be soon sharing few amazing startup business success stories.

At deAsra, it is our mission to make the world realise the power of “Bharat Entrepreneurs” and startup business ideas that move Bharat. Apart from Bharat, there are a number of business ideas in Maharashtra that too can be explored while looking to start a new business. deAsra provides help to people who want to start a new business and do not know how to get it started.

deAsra’s services include providing support for assessing if a business plan is workable, facilitating loan applications, accounts, legal, marketing and other professional services that a small business requires. So, if you are looking to start a new business and do not know how to get it off the ground, deAsra can help get your small business startup idea the support it needs. 

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  1. Hi, I am Sujata Badmande from Pune. My husband, Sunil Badmande, is an electronic engineer with about 20 years of company experience in plant erection and equipment maintenance. I would be obliged if advised on to convert this experience into to some sort of consultancy/service business…Moreover, we both are fitness lovers with appropriate scientific knowledge and would also like to venture overall health and fitness field as prospective business. I would like to be enlightened about this path…My Email:

    1. Hello Sujata. We suggest you pick up your strengths, passion & level of expertise as the basis of your business. Also evaluate the ideas by testing the market, the
      competition – their quality and prices of products and services, your target group, SWOT analysis of your business in comparison to the competition.
      Once it is clearer to you as to what should be your idea for business, we would be more than happy to help you in your journey with any of our services for budding entrepreneurs: Look forward to more from you.

  2. Hello, I am Ravindra Parab, Working as Insurance Agent In Life Insurance Sector from last 8 years. From Last 2 to 3 Years I am trying to set new business which will getting better Income to me. I was started small Juice centre (3 months), then started mobile repairing & accessories centre(6 months), also done seasonable business (selling umbrella, mobile screen guard at home and offices).
    I am ready to do any type of business, But from last small businesses experience I could not keep stability or consistency in any business because of losses or low profit. and current situation is very weird situation about my monthly income.
    Please guide and give me some Business Ideas.

  3. hey..I am dharminder singh from chandigarh. I am earning 4laks/annum. Ihad done btech in mechanical engineering . As now i wanted to start plasting products manufacturing business by purchasing fuel injection molding machine. Could you please help me ,how to get loan for macinery of 10lakhs without any security and morgage to be deposited in bank. and scope of my business??

    1. Hello Dharminder. Please call us on 8669985599. We shall help you with the loan and your business.

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