Budget 2019-20 – Employment: Small Businesses

July 7th , 2019

Finance Minister has presented 2019-20 Budget which is growth oriented, touching concern areas, attempting to ease bottlenecks and yet trading on fiscal conservation path. Economy is facing severe head winds, such as slowdown in growth, falling consumption demand, dearth of private investment, rising unemployment, rural distress, etc. At this background, the market was expecting big bang fiscal stimulus to kick Read More…

How To Register A Company In Maharashtra?

July 1st , 2019

Business is done best when working with others and with the support of others and what if the support comes from not a person or individual but in the form of a region, namely, the State of Maharashtra. Maharashtra, often termed as the State that houses the financial capital of the country and the State where people from all over Read More…

Expert Committee On Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

June 30th , 2019

MSME sector is a vital component of the Indian economy. The sector consists of 63 million+ units employing about 111 million employees, which is about one-fourth of the countries’ labour force.  MSMEs contribute about 45% countries’ production and contributes to exports to the extent of 48% of the country’s total exports. This vital statistic speaks volumes about the importance of Read More…

What Is A Partnership Business?

June 27th , 2019

For every business, a good team comes into being when the separate individuals that work together, create, in essence, another separate higher entity which is better than any of those individuals can ever be on their own. This is how a business entity works. A business entity is an organization or a structure established as a separate legal form and Read More…

Essentials Of A Bakery Business Plan

June 24th , 2019

They say that you cannot buy happiness but you can buy cupcakes and that is kind of the same thing. A majority of us might agree with this. Cakes, cupcakes, bread, and bakery products have become an integral part of our lives and even our diets. Imagine a birthday celebration without a cake or a breakfast spread without bread, it Read More…

Difference Between Partnership And Company

June 21st , 2019

One of the biggest decisions to make while deciding to start your own business is deciding the business structure while incorporating the business. A business entity gives an organised structure to the enterprise and is formed and administered as per corporate law in order to engage in business activities.  When talking about businesses and the various types of business entities Read More…

The Business of Traditional Food Products: Athavale’s Food Products

June 19th , 2019
Category: Yashaswi Udyojak

Dessert shops are commonly seen on the streets. There are many types of sweets in those shops. But traditional, home-made specialities are rarely available in such shops. For example, delicacies like barfi are easily available in these confectionaries, but very rarely do we get to see delicacies like wadi. “No one can make chivda as good as my mother does”, Read More…

Business Ideas In Maharashtra

June 16th , 2019
Category: Business Ideas

The rising number of start-ups that are being instituted and are flourishing in Maharashtra, is astounding and has even given the State the title of “future start-up capital India”. The steady rise is also encouraging as it reinstates the fact that creating jobs via start-ups is one of the best ways to beat the rate of unemployment in the country. Read More…

Essentials Of An LLP Agreement

June 14th , 2019

Selecting and registering a new business under any of the suitable business structures is a vital prerequisite for the business to operate. There are a number of business entities to choose from, and these business entities provide a separate existence to the enterprise in order to structure to the organisation and also for the purpose of taxation. Out of the Read More…