Essentials Of A Grocery Store Business Plan

November 29th , 2019

A business plan is the starting point for every business. Every entrepreneur when starting off has a vague business idea and the business plan helps define the idea, giving it a definition and structure. A business plan is defined as a written description of the business’s objectives, goals and future, a document that tells what exactly the entrepreneur plans to Read More…

Essentials Of A Medical Shop Business Plan

November 26th , 2019

The pharmacy business is an evergreen business that is unaffected by any economic slowdowns or unfavorable market conditions. The statistics also point towards the exponential growth of the pharmacy business over the past decade, and as per analysis, the global pharmacy market is expected to display a robust growth of approximately 4.94% during 2018 to 2023, which is in the Read More…

Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

November 23rd , 2019
Category: Yashaswi Udyojak

A map depicting Women Entrepreneurs is need of the hour! – Dr. Neelam Gorhe  Lead:  The upgraded version of Google Maps is now convenient than ever. Along with road maps, we can easily find the maps for educational institutions, clinics, restaurants, gardens and even playgrounds in the city. Though, the map showing scope for what kind of entrepreneurs working in each Read More…

Essentials Of A Cyber Cafe Business Plan

November 20th , 2019

Cyber cafes are small outlets that have a number of computers and they allow people access to these computers and to the Internet for a small charge. In the current digital times where everything is done online, computers and access to the Internet are imperative, and cyber cafe business is, therefore, a great business idea worth considering and starting. The Read More…

How To Start A Cyber Cafe?

November 17th , 2019
Category: Blog Post

Computers have become an integral and vital part of every person’s life. Today, applying for social identity cards (Aadhar card), school forms, college forms, University applications and all kinds of applications and registrations are all online and need to be applied via their websites only. Similarly, booking tickets for travel, whether it’s for a train, plane or bus, booking of Read More…

Essentials Of A Soap Making Business Plan

November 14th , 2019

  Beauty has always been a talking point, right from the time of Cleopatra. Beauty and cosmetic products have been in the market since a very long time, for instance, cold creams, moisturizers and soaps were in vogue even years ago as is evident from their advertisements from decades ago which are still imprinted on people’s minds even today and Read More…

deAsra launches the “Homepreneur Resource Center ” to mark the milestone of having benefited 50,000+ entrepreneurs

November 11th , 2019
Category: Press Release

November 11th, 2019, Monday, Pune deAsra Foundation, a not for profit organisation, is happy to announce that it has guided 50,000+ entrepreneurs with its wide range of resources and services for small businesses in India. Within a span of 6 months, deAsra has expanded its community from 25k to 50k entrepreneurs. The rapid growth can be credited to the resources Read More…

deAsra’s Expanding Entrepreneurial Community

November 9th , 2019
Category: Blog Post

Entrepreneurship has started gaining prominence in recent years and a slight push will pace up this movement. In 2015, deAsra Foundation was founded to amp up this movement. deAsra Foundation was started with the vision of helping entrepreneurs to Start, Manage & Grow their businesses.  Our Founder, Dr Anand Deshpande shared that the only way to cope up with the Read More…

How To Start A Soap Making Business?

November 7th , 2019
Category: Blog Post

Since centuries India has been a country that has been using and propagating natural products and natural ingredients. There was a time in the middle when people veered more towards consumerism and machine-made products, including for food items. However, with increased awareness and more stress on healthy and sustainable living, and increased understanding of the use of naturally found ingredients, Read More…

Essentials Of A Small Hotel Business Plan

November 4th , 2019

The restaurant and small hotel business sector is one of the fastest growing domains in the country. A proof of this is the growing number of eateries opening in a majority of the cities in India (including the tier II and III cities) and the crowd that is witnessed in the majority of these places, being packed with people, especially Read More…