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Navigating ONDC: A Step-by-Step Guide for Sellers

Navigating ONDC: A Step-by-Step Guide for Sellers

The Open Network for Digital Commerce, or ONDC, is setting a new precedent in the e-commerce landscape of India, offering a unique platform for sellers across the country. This innovative initiative aims to democratise digital commerce, providing equal opportunities for sellers, regardless of size. If you’re an e-commerce seller looking to expand your reach and tap into a broader market, ONDC presents a promising avenue. Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide to getting started on the ONDC platform.

Understanding ONDC

Before diving into the how-tos, it’s crucial to grasp what ONDC is all about. The Open Network for Digital Commerce is a government-endorsed initiative designed to create an interoperable open network that enables the discovery, interaction, and transaction between buyers and sellers through a unified platform, regardless of the e-commerce solution they use.

Assess Your Business’s Eligibility

ONDC is designed to accommodate various sellers, from individual artisans to large-scale manufacturers. The first step is assessing whether your business meets the essential criteria to join the ONDC platform. This typically involves ensuring your business is legally registered in India and has a clear product or service offering that complies with the legal standards.

Register Your Interest

The next step involves expressing your interest in joining ONDC. This can often be done through official ONDC partner websites, like deAsra, which guide you through registration. You’ll need to provide basic information about your business, including your name, type, and contact details.

Prepare the Necessary Documentation

To join ONDC, you must prepare and submit a set of documents. These usually include your GST registration certificate, PAN card, bank account details, and a catalogue of your products or services. Having these documents ready can significantly streamline the onboarding process.

Integration and Onboarding

Once your application is approved, the next step is integrating your business with the ONDC platform. This process varies based on your business’s technological setup. It involves aligning your e-commerce system with ONDC’s API for many. To help with this integration, ONDC or its partners offer technical advice and assistance.

Listing Your Products or Services

With the technical integration complete, you can now begin listing your products or services on the ONDC platform. This involves providing detailed descriptions, pricing, and quality images. Effective product listings are crucial to drawing in and holding the attention of potential customers.

Managing Orders and Transactions

ONDC’s unified platform allows you to manage orders, payments, and logistics seamlessly. Familiarise yourself with the dashboard and tools ONDC provides for order management to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.

Leveraging ONDC for Business Growth

Finally, take full advantage of the ONDC network to grow your business. This includes analysing sales data through the platform, engaging with customers for feedback, and continuously optimising your product listings based on consumer trends and insights.


Joining the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) as an e-commerce seller in India is a strategic move that can open up many new avenues for business growth. Following these steps, you can navigate ONDC effectively, reach a broader customer base, and participate in a more equitable digital commerce ecosystem.

Embrace the future of e-commerce with ONDC and unlock your business’s potential in India’s expansive digital marketplace.

Unlock Your Business Potential: Connect & Grow with Market Linkages

The deAsra Foundation’s Market Linkages page offers several services to help businesses grow their reach as well as sales, including opportunities to showcase products at exhibitions, connect with bulk buyers, corporate linkage programs, assistance with exporting products internationally, guidance on selling through e-commerce platforms, and the “Shop in Shop” initiative for retail presence. Businesses interested in these opportunities can register through a form provided on the website, aiming to grow their customer base and revenue. Further details on enrollment and participation are available on their website.

You can visit the deAsra Foundation Market Linkages page for more detailed information.


1. What is Market Linkage?
Market Linkages is a service that connects businesses with opportunities to expand their reach, including exhibitions, bulk buyers, corporate programs, exports, e-commerce, and retail presence initiatives.

2. How can I participate in exhibitions through deAsra?
Businesses interested in participating in exhibitions can register through deAsra’s platform, which facilitates opportunities to showcase products to a broader audience.

3. What support does deAsra offer for connecting with bulk buyers?
deAsra provides a platform for businesses to connect with bulk buyers, enhancing their sales and distribution channels.

4. Can deAsra help me start selling online?
Yes, deAsra offers guidance and assistance for businesses looking to enter or expand their presence in e-commerce.

5. Is there support available for exporting products?
deAsra provides resources and guidance for businesses aiming to export their products, helping them navigate international markets.

6. What is the “Shop in Shop” initiative?
The “Shop in Shop” initiative aims to provide businesses with a retail presence within established stores, expanding their physical market reach.

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