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Explore 5 Eco-friendly Business Ideas

Explore 5 Eco-friendly Business Ideas

Climate change and environmental issues are pressing concerns that need to be taken seriously and acted upon at the earliest. The depleting ozone layer, the drastic climatic changes, the limited natural resources- all call for immediate action and also for us, as individuals, to adapt to eco-friendly ways of living. This also means that entrepreneurs need to consciously choose to start eco-friendly businesses, as it is the need of the hour.

What Is An Eco-Friendly Business?

A business that makes a conscious effort to reduce its negative impact on the environment is a business that is environmentally friendly or eco-friendly. It could be in any form, either as a green office that reduces waste and adopts eco-friendly alternatives to a business that is based completely on an eco-friendly idea that aims to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and provides environmentally friendly products or services.

Advantages Of Eco-friendly Businesses 

Eco Friendly business

Eco-friendly businesses have several advantages, some of them being –

  • Minimizes Waste 

One of the chief benefits of an eco-friendly business is that it minimizes the waste generated. Waste is difficult to decompose or treat easily and quickly and the vast amount of waste accumulated adds to the burden on the planet. The minimization of waste is helpful in the long term too.

  • Uses Resources Efficiently 

Another advantage of starting an eco-friendly business is that the business uses the present and available resources wisely and efficiently.  Resources are scarce and need to be used carefully. An eco-friendly business ensures that the available resources are used tactfully,  minimizing wastage and misuse.

  • Reduces Negative Environmental Impact 

An eco-friendly business is conceptualised and started with the intent to reduce the negative impact on the environment.  

An eco-friendly business also shows that the business owner cares about the environment, and is responsible, thus building a sense of trust in the minds of the consumers.

Eco-friendly Business Ideas In India

Let’s explore some eco-friendly business ideas that can be started in India and which are rewarding while being environmentally conscious too.

Eco Friendly business

  • Upcycled Furniture 

Upcycling is the process of transforming any by-products, unwanted, useless or waste materials into something new – either a product or a material that has a greater quality as well as a new use for the product. In other words, it is a business of turning items and materials termed as ‘junk’ into re-styled goods. Upcycling is also known as creative reuse and is environmentally suitable too. 

A number of furniture items can be made via upcycling such as chairs or settees using old tires, shelves using skateboards or old recycled pieces of furniture. Every pre-owned piece of furniture or waste can be creatively reused to make useful pieces of furniture. All that is needed is imagination, innovative thinking skills and the creativity to convert those ideas into reality. There is an increasing demand for upcycled furniture as it is aesthetically pleasing, unique and environmentally friendly too. Aspiring entrepreneurs who have an artistic streak can definitely consider this as an eco-friendly business idea in India

  • Organic Cosmetics

Cosmetics are believed to have a number of chemicals that are not environmentally friendly nor do they have long-term benefits for the skin. Organic cosmetics and beauty products on the other hand are made from naturally found ingredients that are good for the skin and the environment too. Organic beauty products are fast gaining popularity owing to their clean ingredients, long-term benefits for the skin, and the added advantage of being environmentally friendly. Aspiring entrepreneurs need to learn all about starting an organic beauty products business and the vital fundamentals to include in an organic beauty products business plan and can do so by contacting the experts at deAsra.

  • Biodegradable Cutlery

Another great eco-friendly business idea in India that is rewarding while contributing towards saving the planet is the biodegradable cutlery business. The normal paper plates and plastic cutlery that is available in the market are extremely harmful to the environment. The plastic spoons, forks and paper plates and cups add to the rising waste on the planet and the plastic waste takes years to decompose.

Biodegradable cutlery is an environmentally safe alternative. Usually made from bamboo these forks, spoons, knives, plates and bowls are sturdy, robust while being safe for the environment. Starting a biodegradable cutlery business is a rewarding as well as an environment-friendly business idea.

  • Thrift Clothing Store

Thrift stores, especially clothing stores, are another great eco-friendly business idea for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. Thrift clothing means garments that have been used by a previous owner but the clothes are still in great condition and can be re-worn. Thrift clothing stores are in demand now as a lot of people are opting towards sustainable living while saving money on expensive, branded clothing. With a business planning checklist in place, aspiring entrepreneurs can easily start a thrift clothing store and also use social networking sites to market the business.

Eco Friendly business

  • Pre-loved Books And Toys Shop

Books and toys are children’s best friends and they can never have enough of them. What if children can get access to several toys and books without burning a hole in the parent’s pocket and being environmentally conscious too. Starting a business of pre-loved books and toys is a great eco-friendly business option that consists of selling books and toys that have been passed on but are in good condition. Such a business plan is environmentally friendly while reducing waste and reusing books, toys and other items needed by kids. Entrepreneurs can even start a preloved toys library to further reduce environmental wastage and to cater to a wider audience on a regular basis.

These are some eco-friendly business ideas that can be explored by budding entrepreneurs. Apart from these, some other business ideas include recycling or repurposing business such as recycling scrap paper, setting up a waste compost plant, recycling plastic waste to make bags and accessories and many more. All aspiring entrepreneurs need is a business idea and they can choose Business Planning services offered by deAsra to convert their eco-friendly idea into a thriving business.

Eco Friendly business

Eco-friendly businesses are a must and need to be taken up by entrepreneurs not just because they are currently the ‘in-thing’ to do and are popular right now.  But because the planet needs to be saved from further damage and these business ideas are a small step towards that while keeping the environment safe. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs can discuss their eco-friendly business ideas with the experts at deAsra and bring them to fruition successfully.

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