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Combating untimely rains with SRT

Combating untimely rains with SRT


To maintain the fertility of the soil, it is essential to understand the science behind it. Short cuts which are used to avoid laborious work reduce the richness of the soil. To prevent this and to maintain the fertility of the soil, the SRT method is extremely useful. Let’s read more about this.

When we think of farming, the first thing that comes to our mind is the use of bulls and tractor to plough the land; but according to soil science, ploughing is the biggest enemy of the land and farming business. Ploughing the field even once harms the microorganisms present in the soil and it is as harmful to them as fire, floods or an earthquake. The farmers should adopt new thought of zero tillage technology instead of ploughing the field. Modern technology makes this possible. Our land will be more fertile only if we stop ploughing. The soil is considered to be fertile when the organic carbon present is 1%. Today the organic carbon level in our country has reduced to 0.3% to 0.4%. The SRT Zero tillage technique is easy, assured, and the best solution to increase the level of organic carbon.

S.R.T: This technology prohibits ploughing of mother Earth, thereby stopping the soil erosion, thus encouraging the natural production of earthworms in the soil, raising the organic carbon level and the yield. Thus, making the farmer happy and confident. That is how “SAGUNA RICE TECHNOLOGY ” ( S.R.T) is useful for all types of crops. 

What do the farmers say having adopted to S.R.T Technology for several years: 

  1. Considerable reduction in the payment of wages to the labourers. 
  2. The dependency on water/rain,  a large number of labour required for ploughing and tilling the field and use of tractors used to be a heavy burden on the expenses. S.R.T has reduced this dependency and costs.
  3. Unlike the traditional method of farming, the S.R.T method reduces the efforts, labour and the cost, besides giving 100% satisfaction. Also, there is an assurance of a good yield. 
  4. The S.R.T method saves time, and I can utilize that time for doing other essential things.
  5. In the S.R.T method, the oxygen and the decomposed organic minerals present at the root of the crops encourage the natural formation of earthworms in the soil, giving an abundant and rich yield, thereby making the farmer happy and enthusiastic. People who were critical earlier, also start praising his efforts which increases his self-confidence.
  6. Without waiting for the soil to have sufficient moisture and without tilling the land again, the farmer can plant the Rabbi crop right after the Kharif crop as the soil remains moist and ready. And knowing that there is no soil erosion, the farmer can confidently render the land to the next generation.
  7. Unimaginable doubling of the yield.
  8. Halving the use of chemical fertilizers and the insecticides.
  9. Ease and comfort of harvesting three cycles of the crop in the same field.

Important principles  

  1. Having prepared the permanent raised beds the need to plough the field repeatedly for the next 20 years is mitigated, thereby reducing the cost and gain in profit. The most important thing is the soil remains soft and more fertile.
  2. In this method, it is crucial that after harvesting, the roots continue to stay in the soil for its gradual decomposition.
  3. Rotation of crops is essential instead of repeatedly sowing the same crop.

S.R.T is likely to become the most stable carbon model in the world, and once it is proven, the farmers are likely to get increased financial benefits (carbon cheque).

S.R.T Crop growing technique  

To use the S.R.T technique, permanent raised beds should be made on the land by ploughing it only once. Ploughing, puddling( for rice fields), hoeing and de-weeding etc. is not necessary for the next twenty years. Repeated ploughing is not essential after each harvest. There is no need to uproot the previous crop, and it should continue to remain below the soil. With the help of the S.R.T mould (iron forma), holes are formed in the raised beds, and new seeds are sowed. For detailed information, please visit You can also type SRT rice plantation on YouTube.

The S.R.T technique has raised the fertility of the soil, thereby increasing the feasibility of perpetual production, making the farmer capable and self-sufficient, in this era of constant changes in weather in the form of untimely rains, floods and famine.

  • Kumari Rasika Phatak, Jambhulpada, Sudhagad (8804200743) used the S.R.T method in her farm for the first time. Due to the heavy rains this year, her subterranean farm was flooded four times. Despite stagnant five feet deep water for six days, her S.R.T farm has rendered an excellent yield of 7000kgs of Rice per hectare. Adjacent farms using the traditional method of farming had plenty of loss of mud and reduced rice production. Climate Smart farmer Rasika has decided to use the S.R.T method in the forthcoming Rabbi season also to grow vegetables and pulses. 
  • Using the S.R.T method Farmer Shrinivas Pande of Nagpur(9423407027) has been able to successfully cultivate and harvest extra produce of 14 Quintal per acre of wheat, without burning the farm waste.
  • Ananta Kale of Brahmnoli, Taluka, Maval, Pune(976519959) has been using the S.R.T method for the last five years and has been able to increase the yield by three times. Kharif Indrayani Rice: production 8 ton per hectare followed by Rabbi Lettuce: 50 ton per hectare. Summer Broccoli record progressive yield:6 ton per hectare.


Jagruti Moghe7057625724

Yogesh Bansode9850866379

Anil Niwalkar  – 7798720272


The contact details of farmers using the S.R.T method of farming from the last 3 to 5 years is given below.

I) Raigarh and Thane Division

Parshuram Agivale, Karjat, Raigarh 9172332629/9273572032

Sudheer kawilkar, Mhsala, Raigarh 8149215798

Vikas Patil, Alibaug, Raigarh 9421170188

Ravindra Gharat, Alibaug, Raigarh 7798503888

Harishchandra Patil, pen, Raigarh (Khar Jamin) 8805435206/9421253106

Vishnu Ghodvinde, Wasind, Thane 9209573360

Sunil Diwane, Wasind, Thane 7506834073

Subhas Padwal, Shahapur, Thane 9271434722

II) Ratnagiri Division

Shyam Kane, Khed, Ratnagiri 9764859379

Ankush Dhopavkar, Dapoli, Ratnagiri 9011240587

Ganesh Jog, Dapoli, Ratnagiri 9422011141

Usha Desai, Dapoli, Ratnagiri 9209010659

Anant Kambli, Chiplun, Ratnagiri 8806303813

Santosh Hode, Chiplun, Ratnagiri 8275374421

Nilesh Kumbhar, Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri 9890542721

Vijay Gotad, Ratnagiri 8698898509

III) Pune Division

Ananta Kale, Maval, Pune 9765199459

Gorakh Dhore, Maval, Pune  9765471531

Vinayak Jam, Mulshi, Pune 9623431845

Suresh Karbal, Bhor, Pune 9922080689

Eknath Thombre, Maval, Pune 9765381915

Devidas Bandal, Rajgurunagar, Pune 9595243915

Pramod Waghole, Maval, Pune  8605861001

Vikas Vaje, Maval, Pune 9822646009

IV) Satara Kolhapur Division

Mohan(Aba) Lad, Sajjangad, Satara 9420489791

Machhindra Patil, Kolhapur

V) Vidarbha Division

Shrinivas Pande, Ramtek, Nagpur 9423407027

Ashwin Goswami, Pavani, Bhandara 9527768351

Mahesh Bhoyar, Pavani, Bhandara 9403141513

Prakash Khobragade, Mul, Chandrapur  8788454311

Rajesh Wani, Gadchiroli 9422154810

VI) Ahmednagar

Kashinath Khole, Akole, Ahmednagar  9689581997



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