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Chai Pe Charcha

Chai Pe Charcha


The brand new shiny tea outlets are fast replacing the traditional Amruttulya Tea Stalls. New branches of chains Yevale Chaha, Premacha Chaha, Saiba Chaha are expanding at the speed of lightning. Same is the case with coffee. Be it foamy Madras Coffee served in a glass at a small joint or a premium restaurant like CCD or Starbucks, the outlets are always crowded. The reason is… well, no one needs a reason to grab a hot cuppa. Producers of tea-coffee employ expert tasters to maintain the best quality of their products. This article describes the nature of the work of these tasters and the opportunities in this industry. 


A hot and interesting discussion with a cup of steaming tea is possible only when the aroma and the taste of tea are satisfying. But who decides this taste? The person who decides this is called a tea taster. These tasters have numerous career opportunities with tea producers. The taste and fragrance of tea are carefully examined before the tea is packaged for the market. This skill can be cultivated with training. Of course, one should have a passion for this type of career. Candidates acquiring the skill to taste the tea can get the best career opportunities. 

Some Institutions in This Sector 

(1) With the initiative of Indian Government’s Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Indian Institute of Plantation Management was established. Now, the development of this institution is done as a Centre of Excellence. The Tea Board, Coffee Board, Rubber Board, Spices Board and Plantation Industry have supported this institution. Due to the shortage of trained manpower in tea tasting, this institution has started a short duration course. It is called a ‘Professional Certificate Course in Tea Tasting and Marketing.’ The syllabus of this course is designed as per the major requirements of the tea industry, both at the national and international level. Along with tea tasting Marketing techniques and skills are also taught here. So, the candidates can easily get good career opportunities in the market. With the help of this training, this institution aims for creating world-class tea tasters. The syllabus is prepared with the help of the experts in this field and tea producers. 

This course is started with the help of the Tea Board of India which works under the commerce ministry of Indian Government. The Tea Board and Tea industry have given their recognition. The candidates studying here can get various opportunities in tea tasting and marketing. 

What one can learn here? The syllabus includes tea tasting for well-planned marketing, tea production and quality control, the terminologies used in the tea tasting sector, techniques of cup tasting, electronic nose and electronic tongue. Tasting before purchasing decisions, making tea mixtures, training senses for tea tasting, and subtle shades of tea classification. Visits to the tea estate, factories producing tea also included in the training period. 

After completing the course, the project work must be presented. Both, written and practical exams are conducted. The certificate is awarded based on the marks scored in both sections. 

Different methods for tea tasting (which are for the important tea brands in India and abroad) are introduced in this course. The methods of tasting are taught in the modern laboratories of this institution. Reputed trainers from India and other countries conduct this course. Another important feature of this course is, Sales and Marketing opportunities related to the tea industry, likes and dislikes of international customers are introduced here. So, students can get a lot of career opportunities in this sector. 

After completing the course, a ‘Certificate Course in Tea Tasting and Marketing’ is awarded. Bachelors of any stream can pursue this course. The candidates are selected based on interview and aptitude for tea tasting. The duration of this course is 45 days and the fees are Rs. 75,000. It does not include accommodation, food, electricity, computer, books or other study material. The expenditure on field visits and industrial visits is not included in this. The candidate needs to pay the fees after securing admission.

The candidate needs to send a crossed demand draft of Rs.1,000 for getting the application and brochure. This draft should be drawn in favour of ‘Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Bengaluru’.

Contact – Programme Co-ordinator, Indian Institute of Plantation Management, Janabharati Campus, Post office, Malathalli, Bengaluru 560056; Tel :- 080-23212767, E-mail :-

(2) Darjeeling Tea Research and Management Association, Syllabus – Certificate Course in Tea Tasting. Qualification – Graduate.

The candidate needs to register for this course. The registration fee is Rs.500. The Candidate should send the demand draft for fees along with the application. The demand draft should be drawn in favour of ‘Darjeeling Tea Research and Management Association, Siliguri’. The fees for this 4-week course/training is Rs. 50,000. The candidates are selected on the basis of a personal interview. 25% seats are reserved for women. 

What can you learn here? This course includes an introduction to tea and its varieties, finding out the quality and the understanding points regarding quality. It also includes the things affecting the quality, discussion with tea producers and industrialists, visits to tea producing factories. Concepts like tea marketing, practical methods for tea tasting, green tea are also taught in this course. A bachelor from any stream can apply for the course. Contact –

3) Dipra’s Institute of Professional Studies, Kolkata. Correspondence – duration for the course – 2 months. Anyone can apply for the course.


Coffee tasting

The coffee board works under the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of the government of India. It has started a ‘Post-Graduate Diploma in Coffee Quality Management.’ This course is started to fulfil the needs of required trained manpower for the coffee industry. 

The course is designed to create the best quality coffee tasters. The duration of the course is one year. 

This course includes different methods of coffee plantation, quality analysis of coffee, different ways and methods of coffee tasting, marketing and buying and selling. This course duration is of three terms.

The selection process is based on an interview, educational eligibility and aptitude for coffee tasting. Qualification – A bachelor of Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Food Technology or Environmental Science can apply for the course. A Bachelor of Agriculture can also apply for the course. The course fees are Rs. 2,50,000.

Correspondence – Divisional Head, Coffee Quality, Coffee Board No. 1, Dr B. R. Ambedkar Road, Bengaluru 560001. Tel :- 080-22262868, website :-



From eternity, the man had always loved the pleasing fragrance. Fragrant liquids/perfumes and some special oils are used in Ayurvedic Spas and Aromatherapy for massage and to get a refreshed feeling. People tend to have a special liking for Fragrant liquids/perfumes and oils made with the help of organic resources. This institution offers the training in finding the plants and shrubs which are used in the process of making natural fragrance and oils, their production process, the entire cycle, and quality control. The name of this course is ‘Quality Assessment of Essential Oil /Aroma Chemicals using Modern Instrumental Techniques.’ After completing 12th grade, anyone can apply for the course. This course can be helpful for Aromatherapist, a new entrepreneur joining this sector, or beauty experts. The training for essential oils, perfumery and aromatherapy, career opportunities, fragrant liquids/perfumes, basic principles of aromatherapy, the technique of extracting essential oils from raw materials, quality improvement of essential oils, safety, rules, scientific information of aromatherapy is given during the course. The approximate duration of this course is four days. The fees for the training are Rs. 12,500/- 

Correspondence – Principal Director, Makarand Nagar (Training), FFDC, Ministry of MSME, Government of India, G.T. Road, Kanauj 209726. Tel :- 05694-234465, website :-


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