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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: Honoring Their Contributions on International Women’s Day

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: Honoring Their Contributions on International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day (IWD) is a significant global celebration recognising women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. It serves as a reminder of progress towards gender equality, while recognizing the work yet remaining. This blog aims to celebrate and honor the contributions of women entrepreneurs, particularly those leading small businesses in India, who are making remarkable strides in various sectors.

The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs in India

In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in the number of women entrepreneurs in India, marking a significant shift in the entrepreneurial landscape. Several enterprising individuals are exploring various industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, and education. Their ventures contribute to the economy and bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

Statistics reveal a notable increase in women-led businesses across the country. According to recent data, women now own nearly 14% of all businesses in India, a figure that has been steadily rising. This surge is not just about numbers; it signifies a profound impact on the Indian economy, creating job opportunities, driving innovation, and fostering inclusive growth.

Stories abound of women entrepreneurs breaking barriers and defying odds. From rural artisans harnessing the power of e-commerce to urban innovators launching tech startups, their journeys inspire and empower others. These entrepreneurs exemplify resilience, innovation, and leadership, embodying the spirit of International Women’s Day.

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: Resilience, Innovation, and Leadership

In the entrepreneurial world, women entrepreneurs have been breaking barriers, setting new benchmarks, and reshaping the business landscape in India and globally. As we approach International Women’s Day, it’s a fitting moment to spotlight the extraordinary journeys of these women, their unique challenges, their triumphant stories of overcoming adversity, and their remarkable contributions to the economy and society.

Challenges Faced and Overcome

Women in entrepreneurship face many challenges, from societal expectations that define traditional roles to systemic barriers to accessing funding and resources. Despite these hurdles, women entrepreneurs have showcased unparalleled resilience, innovation, and leadership to carve their niches.

One inspiring example is Kalpana Saroj, who overcame social and financial constraints to become the CEO of Kamani Tubes in Mumbai. Starting from humble beginnings, her journey reflects sheer determination and the ability to turn adversities into opportunities.

Contributions to the Economy and Society

Women-led businesses drive economic growth by creating jobs, fostering innovation, and contributing to the GDP. Beyond the economic impact, women entrepreneurs are at the forefront of addressing societal challenges through their businesses. They’re leaders in sectors like technology, retail, and healthcare and champions of social change, advocating for sustainability, education, and health.

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs: The Pillars of Innovation and Leadership

As we edge closer to International Women’s Day, it’s an opportune moment to shine a light on the remarkable journeys of women entrepreneurs across various sectors. From technology to fashion, and from food to healthcare, women have been leading the charge, breaking stereotypes, and setting new precedents of success. This blog post delves into the stories of such dynamic women, explores the significance of supporting them, and introduces the Entrepreneurship Empowerment Awards 2024 (EEA 2024) by deAsra, aimed at celebrating these incredible journeys.

Spotlight on Successful Women Entrepreneurs

In fashion, Masaba Gupta’s blend of traditional and contemporary designs has made her eponymous brand a household name. Her innovative approach and fearless entrepreneurship have earned her accolades and redefined Indian fashion.

The food industry sees the likes of Sairee Chahal, who founded Sheroes, a community platform for women, extending into the food business with a focus on health and nutrition. Her work empowers women not just through content and community but also through entrepreneurship in the food sector.

In healthcare, Preetha Reddy of Apollo Hospitals has been instrumental in expanding quality healthcare services in India. Her leadership has advanced healthcare entrepreneurship and made significant contributions to women’s health and empowerment.

These stories are mere glimpses of women entrepreneurs’ widespread impact across industries. Their achievements, recognised through various awards and recognitions, underscore the transformative role they play in society and the economy.

The Importance of Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Supporting women entrepreneurs is crucial for fostering a balanced and inclusive economic landscape. Access to funding, mentorship, and networks remains a significant barrier for many women in business. Addressing these challenges is not just about promoting gender equality but also about unlocking the vast potential women bring to innovation, job creation, and addressing societal challenges.

Readers can support women entrepreneurs by buying from women-led businesses, offering mentorship, or considering investments in startups founded by women. Initiatives like deAsra’s EEA 2024 are pivotal in recognising and celebrating the achievements of women in entrepreneurship, offering a platform for visibility, networking, and growth.

deAsra’s EEA 2024 initiative

The deAsra Foundation’s Entrepreneur Excellence Awards (EEA) 2024 represents a pivotal moment in the recognition and empowerment of women entrepreneurs in India. This initiative not only shines a spotlight on the achievements of women in business but also aligns with the broader mission of fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Historical Context

Since its inception, the deAsra Foundation has been at the forefront of supporting small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with a wide array of services, from business planning to funding assistance. The introduction of the Entrepreneur Excellence Awards marks a significant milestone in deAsra’s journey, especially focusing on women entrepreneurs. By celebrating their success, deAsra acknowledges their contributions and inspires a new generation of women to embark on entrepreneurial ventures.

Focus on Women Entrepreneurs

The EEA 2024 specifically targets women entrepreneurs with exceptional growth, innovation, and resilience in their business endeavours. This focus stems from understanding the unique challenges women face in the business world, including limited access to funding, networking opportunities, and mentorship. By spotlighting successful women entrepreneurs, the awards aim to motivate, inspire, and encourage more women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, contributing to gender diversity and inclusivity in the business landscape.

Sectors of Interest

The awards do not limit themselves to any specific sector, reflecting the diverse nature of women-led businesses nationwide. From technology and healthcare to education and eco-friendly products, women entrepreneurs are making their mark in various domains. This diversity not only showcases the versatility and creativity of women in business but also highlights their role in driving innovation across industries.

The Impact

The EEA 2024 goes beyond mere recognition; it is a networking, learning, and growth platform. Winners receiving cash prizes, publication features, and expert consultations stand to gain significant exposure and opportunities for further development. This support is crucial for scaling their ventures, accessing new markets, and forging partnerships. Moreover, the event fosters community among women entrepreneurs, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.


The Entrepreneur Excellence Awards 2024 by the deAsra Foundation is a testament to the changing dynamics of the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem, where women are increasingly recognized as critical drivers of economic growth and innovation. By supporting women entrepreneurs, deAsra contributes to their individual success and the broader goal of achieving an inclusive, equitable, and thriving economy.

Let’s join hands to celebrate and support the journey of women entrepreneurs, for in their growth lies the progress of our society. To learn more about the EEA 2024 and how you can participate in this change, visit deAsra Foundation’s official website. Together, we can make a difference, empowering women to lead and innovate for a better tomorrow.


1. Why is it important to celebrate women entrepreneurs on International Women’s Day?
Celebrating women entrepreneurs on International Women’s Day recognises their significant contributions to the economy and society. It highlights their resilience, innovation, and leadership, encouraging more women to pursue entrepreneurship and inspiring communities to support them.

2. What challenges do women entrepreneurs face in India?
Women entrepreneurs in India often face challenges such as societal stereotypes, lack of access to funding, limited networking opportunities, and balancing business and family responsibilities. These hurdles can make it difficult for women to start and grow their businesses.

3. How do women-led businesses impact the Indian economy?
Women-led businesses contribute significantly to the Indian economy by creating jobs, driving innovation, and fostering economic growth. They also play a crucial role in solving societal problems through their business models, contributing to the country’s overall development.

4. Can you give examples of successful women entrepreneurs in India?
Successful women entrepreneurs in India come from various sectors. Examples include Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw in biotechnology (Biocon), Vandana Luthra in wellness (VLCC), and Falguni Nayar in e-commerce (Nykaa). These women have built successful businesses and paved the way for future women entrepreneurs.

5. How can I support women entrepreneurs?
Supporting women entrepreneurs can take many forms, such as purchasing products from women-led businesses, investing in women-founded startups, offering mentorship or networking opportunities, and advocating for policies that support women’s entrepreneurship.

6. Are there any government schemes to support women entrepreneurs in India?
Yes, the Indian government has launched several schemes to support women entrepreneurs, including the Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme, Annapurna Scheme, and Udyogini Scheme. These schemes provide financial assistance, training, and support to women starting or expanding their businesses.

7. How can women entrepreneurs overcome challenges and succeed?
Women entrepreneurs can overcome challenges by seeking mentorship, leveraging networks, accessing funding through targeted schemes, continuously upskilling, and staying resilient in the face of obstacles. Joining women entrepreneur networks and communities can also provide support and resources.

8. What role do social and digital media play in the success of women entrepreneurs?
Social and digital media play a crucial role in the success of women entrepreneurs by providing platforms to market their products, connect with customers, and build communities. These tools can help women entrepreneurs reach wider audiences, share their stories, and grow their businesses.

9. How does celebrating women entrepreneurs inspire others?
Celebrating women entrepreneurs inspires others by showcasing the successes and possibilities that can be achieved through entrepreneurship. It motivates aspiring entrepreneurs, promotes gender equality in business, and encourages a supportive ecosystem for women’s business ventures.

10. Where can I find resources and networks for women entrepreneurs?
Resources and networks for women entrepreneurs can be found through government initiatives, non-profit organisations, business incubators, and online platforms dedicated to women in business. Examples include the National Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Women’s Business Centers, online forums and social media groups.

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