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All at home – Part One

All at home – Part One

Jab ham bacche the toh playing cards ke saath “Not at home” khelte the!” But we never thought that an exact reverse of the same – that is – “all at home” would come our way and we will have to deal with it not for one or two but twenty one days. Yeh gharwale sab log ghar pe – aur aap bhi ghar pe! Aur kaam bhi ghar pe! – yeh kucch naya equation hai na??

Frustration leads to Anger

First of all – a few days must have gone in figuring out what is happening? which news to trust? How seriously to take this situation? And then how to deal with the loss that is going to come up? Toh yeh loss naahi sirf paise ka hai lekin pure kaam ke motivation kaa bhi hai! Joh aap karana chahte hai – usase koi rokta hai – toh frustration toh aayega hi! Just to let you know whatever you are experiencing is natural. Thoda Anger, Thoda Frustration aur Thoda dar – sub natural hai lekin thode lighter note pe – dar ke aage jeet hai!

Crunch ahead and slow months

Usually you would be gearing up during these months of February and March for the upcoming slow months of monsoon. And on top of that this lockdown is playing – a new game. Is time may aapko aapke clients ke saath communication me rehna jaruri hai. Kounsi finance strategy use karni hai – thoda apne CA ke saath bhi shaayad baat karana jaruri hoga. How to spend during coming months will need to be planned differently.

Stay focused 

Your mind will suddenly become active and will start thinking of thousand options including a blame that you will be putting on either yourself for being an entrepreneur or may be blaming the situation and being carefree! But you can just pause – thoda rukiye! Hang on and stay focused. You are not going to be the only one – the entire world and world economy is going through a change! Aapko thoda time milaa hai haath me! – jiska aapko kaee dino se intajaar tha! Jaldbaji may webseries pe dhyaan pura focus na kare! Focus on the business too! 

Approach to learn new things

The ability to take risks has actually brought you to entrepreneurship! Toh is journey me aapne already kitni saari nayi baate sikhi hai! You have been working relelntlessly – yaane lagaataar! 

Lekin is bhaagdaud me – bhul gaye khudko! But the time has come – when the situation is paused! Aapko khud ke baareme sochne ka waqt milaa hai. Toh Sochna shuru kijiye aapko kya naya sikhana hai!?

Toh kahi mat jaanaa – Agle Chapter me dekhenge – “Aaphi Aap ke business ka kendrabindu hai!” – Too philosophical right? But it’s true. In the next chapter let’s see – How starting from yourself will help your business!! 


Article Contributor:

Dr. Anand Godse, (Consulting health psychologist, a doctorate in Suryanamaskar and mental health)

Dr. Anand Godse leads the entrepreneur program at deAsra. He has more than 12 years of experience in teaching, training, research, coaching and counselling. He has facilitated more than 1000 drum circles with more than 350 organizations and has conducted around 150 training programs.

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