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Measuring Success: 5 Key Performance Indicators for ONDC Sellers

Measuring Success: 5 Key Performance Indicators for ONDC Sellers

The Government of India has launched the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), a bold initiative to democratise e-commerce. Aimed at reducing the dominance of giants like Amazon and Flipkart, which control over 70% of the market in some sectors, ONDC eliminates the need for a central intermediary. This innovative platform levels the playing field, enabling smaller sellers to compete more effectively in India’s vibrant e-commerce landscape.

In the bustling bazaar of the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), sellers are discovering a new frontier for commercial triumph. As an ONDC vendor, you’re not just part of an online market; you’re embarking on a journey of measurable success.

To ensure your venture not only survives but thrives, you must be astute in tracking your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Here’s how you can weave these metrics into your ONDC strategy to chart a course towards success.

1. Sales Vitality Index

Begin your ONDC odyssey by scrutinising the heartbeat of your venture—your sales. Volume, revenue, and transaction values are not mere numbers; they’re the pulse that indicates your marketplace vigour. Watching these rise should ignite the same exhilaration as watching the dawn break over a still ocean—symbolic of new opportunities and growth.

2. Engagement Echoes

Just as a ship responds to the captain’s hand on the helm, your customer interaction metrics reflect your command over your audience’s attention. From click-through rates that flutter like a sail in the wind to wish lists swelling like a tide, these metrics signal how your products are fairing in the vast ONDC sea. Keep a keen eye on cart abandonment; it’s as telling as a sudden change in the wind, prompting you to adjust your sails swiftly.

3. Loyalty Lighthouse

Consider retention metrics the lighthouse guiding you through foggy seas. Do customers return like swallows homeward? Do they renew subscriptions like the reliable tides? These loyalty indicators are golden; they shine a light on paths to lifelong customer allegiance and are the stars by which you navigate the open commerce cosmos.

4. Operational Orchestration

A ship is only as good as its crew, and similarly, your operational metrics reveal the efficiency of your behind-the-scenes crew on the ONDC platform. A swift dispatch, quick inventory turnover, and punctual deliveries are the crew that keeps your ship cutting through the waves gracefully.

5. Satisfaction Signals

In a world where customers’ voices can echo far and wide, their feedback and satisfaction metrics are your sonar. Listen to their echoes—reviews, ratings, query responses – they map the ocean floor of your business landscape, revealing the contours of your customers’ experiences.

Top 5 KPIs every ONDC Seller Should Monitor

Setting the Bar Higher: KPI Examples for Ambitious Business Goals

When entrepreneurs set ambitious targets, defining the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is crucial for tracking progress and achieving success. Here are a few scenarios illustrating how KPIs align with specific business objectives within the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) framework:

Boosting Sales by 10% in Three Months:

  • To achieve a 10% sales increase, it’s essential to monitor site traffic, conversion rate, and sales values. These indicators help gauge the effectiveness of marketing strategies and customer engagement on the ONDC platform.

Raising Conversion Rates by 2% within a Year:

  • Businesses seeking to improve conversion rates should track metrics such as shopping cart abandonment rate, delivery rate, competition pricing ratio, and current conversion rate. Tracking these can provide insights into customer behaviour and pricing strategy effectiveness, guiding adjustments for better performance.

Expanding Site Traffic by 20% Next Year:

  • Entrepreneurs focused on increasing their website traffic by 20% should keep an eye on metrics such as site traffic, traffic sources, promotional click-through rates, and social shares. These metrics offer a clear view of where traffic is coming from and which campaigns are most effective at attracting visitors.

By closely monitoring these KPIs, businesses can strategically navigate the open network for digital commerce, leveraging real-time data to refine their strategies and achieve remarkable growth.

These indicators not only guide daily operations but also align tactical efforts with long-term ambitions, ensuring that each step taken is a step toward success on the ONDC platform.

Wrapping Up

Unearth these metrics as if they were treasures from the deep. They’re not mere reflections; they’re insights that can lead to the transformation of your business on the ONDC platform. Let them guide you to make decisions that will not just be a flash in the pan but a lasting beacon of success.

Navigating the digital seas of the ONDC requires a captain’s acumen—measuring, reacting, and continuously charting a course for growth. With your hand steady on the wheel and an eye on these KPIs, the horizon is broad and promising. Set sail on the ONDC, and let the adventure of commerce begin!

ONDC and Your Business: Unlocking the Door to Digital Success with deAsra

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To find out how deAsra can elevate your business within the ONDC platform, visit our Market Linkages page today and take the first step towards digital commerce that empowers.

For further insights and strategies to unlock your full potential on the ONDC network, delve into the wealth of knowledge available on deAsra’s website, where success is not just a metric but a reality waiting to be achieved.


1. What are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for ONDC sellers?

KPIs are metrics used to quantify the success and performance of your business on the ONDC platform. They help track progress towards goals, understand customer behaviour, and make informed business decisions.

2. Why are KPIs important for sellers on the ONDC network?

For sellers on the open network for digital commerce, KPIs are crucial for monitoring business health, measuring growth, and adapting strategies to boost ONDC success.

3. Which KPIs should ONDC sellers prioritise?

ONDC sellers should focus on sales volume, customer acquisition cost, retention rate, average order value, and satisfaction levels to gauge performance on the open network for digital commerce.

4. How can ONDC sellers effectively track their KPIs?

Sellers can use analytics tools provided by the ONDC platform or third-party software that integrates with ONDC to monitor and evaluate their key metrics regularly.

5. Can KPIs on the ONDC network influence business strategies?

Absolutely. By analysing KPIs, sellers on the ONDC platform can identify trends, allocate resources more efficiently, and tailor their marketing efforts for better ONDC success.

6. How often should I review my KPIs on ONDC?

It’s advisable to review KPIs regularly, such as weekly or monthly, to ensure timely adjustments to your selling strategy on the ONDC network.

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