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Unlocking Success: The 5 Best Apps for Sellers on the ONDC Network

Unlocking Success: The 5 Best Apps for Sellers on the ONDC Network

Welcome to the frontier of digital commerce with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). Whether you are a burgeoning startup or a well-established business, understanding and integrating into the ONDC platform can dramatically expand your reach and revolutionise how you connect with customers across India.

Did you know that out of 1.2 million sellers in India, only 15,000 have tapped into the power of eCommerce? For many small businesses, especially those in rural and hard-to-reach areas, the digital marketplace has seemed just out of grasp. But that’s all set to change with the introduction of ONDC!

ONDC, or the Open Network for Digital Commerce, is a groundbreaking initiative by the Department for the Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. This innovative platform isn’t just another eCommerce site; it’s a revolutionary network aimed at democratising digital commerce nationwide. By adopting an open protocol-based approach, ONDC promises to level the playing field for all sellers, big and small.

Curious to see how the ONDC app can transform your business? Let’s dive into the world of ONDC, explore various ONDC applications, and see how easy it is to download the ONDC app

What Exactly is ONDC?

The ONDC is not just another e-commerce platform; it represents a paradigm shift in how digital commerce is conducted in India. It aims to democratise this space by enabling an open network that connects sellers and buyers across various platforms without favouring any single entity. This innovative approach ensures smaller players have the same opportunities as larger corporations, levelling the playing field in a way never before seen.

How Does the ONDC Network Transform Online Shopping?

Imagine searching for moong dal online, but instead of being limited to a few options from a single platform like Amazon or Flipkart, you have access to a plethora of choices across a vast network. This is the reality of the ONDC app, a revolutionary shift in e-commerce that democratises shopping by connecting buyers directly with multiple sellers across the entire network.

The ONDC network acts almost like a digital marketplace. When you search for an item, the system smartly pulls up options from various sellers across the network, giving you the freedom to choose products that match your budget and preference without platform constraints.

The brilliance of the ONDC application lies in its ability to integrate buyers, sellers, payment solutions, and fulfilment partners into one cohesive ecosystem. It allows for flexibility in delivery too, whether through on-network or off-network partners, ensuring that orders are processed smoothly and efficiently.

Key Benefits of Integrating with ONDC 

  1. More comprehensive Market Access: By joining ONDC, your products and services become accessible to a wider audience beyond the confines of traditional or monopolistic e-commerce platforms. This expanded visibility can lead to increased sales and a more diverse customer base.
  2. Interoperability: One of the core features of the ONDC platform is its ability to seamlessly integrate diverse commerce platforms, allowing users to buy and sell across different interfaces without hassle. This interoperability simplifies transactions and opens up new channels for commerce.
  3. Reduced Costs and Increased Efficiency: ONDC cuts out many of the middlemen associated with traditional e-commerce platforms. Lower commission rates and the absence of platform-specific fees mean more profits go directly into your pocket, while streamlined operations reduce logistical headaches.

Exploring the ONDC Network Seller App: Your Gateway to Digital Commerce

Are you ready to expand your business across India’s digital markets? The ONDC Network Seller App is your ultimate tool, designed to empower SMEs, D2C sellers, dealers, and individual entrepreneurs. By leveraging the support of the Government of India’s Open Network for Digital Commerce Protocol, this app provides a comprehensive platform to list, display, and sell your products to a broader audience.

But what exactly does the ONDC application do for you? It’s more than just an app—it’s a digital launchpad for your business. The app facilitates your registration on the expansive ONDC network, allowing you to detail your service areas, GSTIN, and other crucial business information. Once set up, your products become searchable across the network, visible to millions of potential customers.

Curious about where to start? Here are the top 5 seller apps tailored for seamless integration with the ONDC Network:

  • Mystore seller app for the ONDC Network
  • eSamudaay app
  • GOFRUGAL Technologies ERP and Seller app
  • Growth Falcons app for F&B sellers
  • SellerApp

Each app offers distinctive features to help you tailor your online presence and reach the consumers most likely to buy your products.

Top 5 ONDC Network Seller Apps: Unlocking E-Commerce Opportunities for SMEs

Are you an SME looking to make your mark in the digital marketplace? The ONDC platform offers a golden opportunity to reach a broader audience across India. Choosing the right seller app is crucial to navigating this vast new digital landscape efficiently. Here, we introduce the top five ONDC application options that empower merchants to streamline their operations and connect with millions of customers.

Top 5 ONDC Seller Apps to Boost Your Business Online

1. Mystore® by StoreHippo

Mystore® stands out as a beacon for SMEs venturing into e-commerce. Launched by StoreHippo, this ONDC app is tailored to help you make the most of the open network without any subscription costs. Utilising advanced technologies like MEAN stack and MACH architecture, Mystore offers a high-performance, mobile-ready platform that is simple to use. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, the intuitive admin panel ensures you can manage your business with ease. Plus, it’s equipped with all the necessary integrations for payments, logistics, and more, making your online journey smooth and hassle-free

2. eSamudaay

Focused on bolstering local economies, eSamudaay provides a robust seller app for those joining the ONDC network. It simplifies order processing and stock management, making it especially handy for merchants in the grocery and food and beverage sectors. Currently, eSamudaay is expanding its reach across numerous Indian cities, making it a promising choice for localised businesses.

3. GOFRUGAL Technologies

Ideal for merchants aiming for omnichannel selling, the GOFRUGAL Technologies seller app integrates seamlessly with the Open Network for Digital Commerce. It offers a comprehensive ERP solution that displays channel-specific inventory and pricing to customers, allowing you to manage sales, accounts, and inventory from one central admin panel. Available in over 50 cities, GOFRUGAL is expanding its footprint across India.

4. Growth Falcons

Tailored for the F&B sector, Growth Falcons’ app facilitates quick onboarding onto the ONDC app platform. This AI-driven growth marketing agency helps food and beverage brands manage their online presence efficiently with integrated logistics and insightful analytics. Available in Bengaluru and New Delhi, it’s an excellent tool for restaurants looking to expand their digital outreach.

5. SellerApp

In collaboration with YES BANK, SellerApp provides a dynamic e-commerce solution for the bank’s corporate customers. This app supports a wide range of businesses, from groceries to home decor, offering functionalities that include catalogue management, inventory control, customer relationship management, and comprehensive analytics. Initially launched in major Indian cities, SellerApp now serves a diverse array of industries nationwide.

Choosing the right seller app on the ONDC platform is more than just about managing sales; it’s about growing your business and adapting to the evolving digital commerce landscape. 


Discover a world of opportunity with the ONDC app! Small and medium-scale sellers are now empowered to expand their horizons through digital avenues, thanks to the revolutionary ONDC Network. Imagine breaking the barriers of geographical limitations and reaching markets far beyond your local reach. It’s all within reach with the ONDC app.

Explore ONDC with deAsra: Your Gateway to Digital Commerce Success

Are you ready to dive into the world of digital commerce with the ONDC platform? deAsra is here to guide you every step of the way. From understanding the basics of the ONDC app to mastering its powerful features, our comprehensive support will ensure you leverage this revolutionary platform to its fullest potential. Join the deAsra community today and unlock a world of opportunities on ONDC, where your business can flourish and reach new heights. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your business journey with expert insights and tailored assistance.

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1. Is it mandatory to use a seller app to join the ONDC network?

Yes, to participate in the Open Network for Digital Commerce, you must use an ONDC-compliant seller app. This tool is essential for managing your listings and sales on the network.

2. What steps are involved in registering as a seller on the ONDC network?

To register, choose a preferred seller app like the Mystore Seller app and follow their specific registration process. This typically involves providing your GSTIN, bank details, and business information and then listing your products once verified.

3. What advantages do I gain by using an ONDC Network Seller app?

Seller apps on the ONDC platform offer numerous advantages:

  • Access to a broad, diverse customer base throughout India.
  • Quick setup with compliant technology to get your online business running.
  • Low or no initial costs for setting up your e-commerce capabilities.
  • Simple interfaces for product and inventory management.
  • Built-in marketing tools to increase visibility and boost sales.
  • Enhanced security measures for safe transactions

4. How do I manage my products and inventory on these apps?

ONDC seller apps feature an admin dashboard that simplifies product and inventory management. Apps like Mystore provide a multilingual dashboard, enabling you to adjust product information, manage stock levels, and implement promotional strategies directly from your phone or computer.

5. How are my business and customer data protected in ONDC seller apps?

ONDC seller apps are built with stringent security protocols:

  • Encryption techniques protect sensitive customer and transaction data.
  • Secure Authentication processes limit access to authorised users.
  • Compliance with data protection regulations ensures privacy and security.
  • Routine Data Backups prevent loss and maintain data integrity.
  • Platforms like Mystore are developed on PCI-DSS compliant frameworks, offering superior security and building customer trust.

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