July 2018

Which Legal Structure Suits the Business? Company, Partnership, or Proprietary Concern?

July 17th , 2018

From all the things that you have to consider while starting your own business, one of the most important ones is deciding your legal business structure. It impacts the taxes you will pay, the amount of paperwork involved, your liability in the entity, your decision making power, and the money you will make. Here’s how you can decide which legal Read More…

GST Rate Structure and The Impact on Small Businesses

July 13th , 2018
Category: Blog Post

Structure of GST in India Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a tax imposed on services and goods that are sold for domestic use. For imports, in addition to the custom duty, the IGST is also levied. GST is a value-added tax or VAT that consumers of the services and products pay, however, the government receives it from the businesses Read More…

The Current State of Small Business Funding in India

July 11th , 2018
Category: Business Funding

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy.. Small businesses create more job opportunities. While every business aspires to be like Tata or Adani, you have to realize that even they started off as small businesses and then grew into what they are today. So, what are small businesses? What is their state in the country today? How can these businesses Read More…

10 Must Have Rental Agreement Clauses For Your Office Space

July 6th , 2018
Category: Blog Post

The biggest expense in real estate is the opportunity cost! The statement can be justified with great confidence in today’s scenario when buying a property can be an expensive affair. The concept of Investment in Houses seems lost to today’s smart generation as it also adds additional monthly expenses like maintenance, insurance fees, taxes and more.  ‘Rent’ is an easy way Read More…

Limited Liability Partnership – Structure of the Company, Flexibility of Partnership

July 4th , 2018

What is a Limited Liability Partnership? Limited Liability Partnership or LLP is a business structure which is formed by a legal LLP agreement. This LLP agreement holds information about how your business will run such as who will become the designated partner or assigned roles of various partners. However, it is necessary to have at least two designated partners who Read More…