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Debtors Management

July 20th , 2019

A Case Study   Shabnam and Sarika studied Fashion designing from a reputed Institute. After graduation they parted their company. However, after sometime they again met in an Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP) organised by a Govt. organisation. They discussed their college days and how they should now be serious about starting the business. Both were from different towns, though stayed in Read More…

Budget 2019-20 – Employment: Small Businesses

July 7th , 2019

Finance Minister has presented 2019-20 Budget which is growth oriented, touching concern areas, attempting to ease bottlenecks and yet trading on fiscal conservation path. Economy is facing severe head winds, such as slowdown in growth, falling consumption demand, dearth of private investment, rising unemployment, rural distress, etc. At this background, the market was expecting big bang fiscal stimulus to kick Read More…

Expert Committee On Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

June 30th , 2019

MSME sector is a vital component of the Indian economy. The sector consists of 63 million+ units employing about 111 million employees, which is about one-fourth of the countries’ labour force.  MSMEs contribute about 45% countries’ production and contributes to exports to the extent of 48% of the country’s total exports. This vital statistic speaks volumes about the importance of Read More…

Factors Leading To Creation Of Non Performing Assets

June 7th , 2019

As we are aware, any amount which is due for payment to the bank, but not paid, is termed as ‘’Overdue”. Bank has to classify its loan accounts under two categories, viz. Performing assets (PA) and Non-Performing Assets (NPA). An analysis of NPA accounts indicates the following major reasons for accounts becoming NPA. 1. Diversion Of Funds Credit facilities are Read More…

Small Businesses And Non-Performing Assets

June 4th , 2019

Small businesses need funds as capital for investment, or to handle expenditures or for further expansion of the business. Most often banks are the primary source for procuring funds and also for handling accounts. However when a business defaults on the loan repayments, the banks bear the brunt too. Functioning Of Banks As a primary function, banks accept deposits for Read More…

Concerns Faced By Small Businesses

May 7th , 2019

Businesses are started with great enthusiasm, sometimes accompanied by great fanfare too. The business idea is the brainchild, and the baby of the entrepreneur, and therefore he will obviously be very attached and caring towards it. However, many a time, things do take place the way they were planned and the person gets into problems. This is especially true for Read More…

Six Essentials Of A Business Plan

April 16th , 2019

A business may start with some idea occurred to and developed by a person. He will go ahead all alone or will get somebody like a relative or a friend for starting the business along with him. However, before starting the business, he needs to consider various aspects of the business. Following are 6 such important aspects which are essential Read More…

March 6th , 2019

The Finance Minister announced the transformative initiative in MSME credit space up to Rs 1 Crore within 59 minutes. SIDBI in consortium with PSB banks  has come out with a web portal called here the existing units as well as new units can go to the web portal and apply for credit facilities for Rs 1 lac to Rs Read More…

DigiLocker – Know More About GoI Initiative

February 13th , 2019

DigiLocker allows you to store important documents digitally and share these documents with the required agency or individuals when needed. What are the important documents for a budding entrepreneur that can be stored in DigiLocker? The documents can be divided into three sections as follows – Identity documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card or driving license Academic documents like graduation Read More…