Business Entity Forms

How To Register A Company In Maharashtra?

July 2nd , 2019

Business is done best when working with others and with the support of others and what if the support comes from not a person or individual but in the form of a region, namely, the State of Maharashtra. Maharashtra, often termed as the State that houses the financial capital of the country and the State where people from all over Read More…

What Is A Partnership Business?

June 27th , 2019

For every business, a good team comes into being when the separate individuals that work together, create, in essence, another separate higher entity which is better than any of those individuals can ever be on their own. This is how a business entity works. A business entity is an organization or a structure established as a separate legal form and Read More…

Difference Between Partnership And Company

June 21st , 2019

One of the biggest decisions to make while deciding to start your own business is deciding the business structure while incorporating the business. A business entity gives an organised structure to the enterprise and is formed and administered as per corporate law in order to engage in business activities.  When talking about businesses and the various types of business entities Read More…

Essentials Of An LLP Agreement

June 14th , 2019

Selecting and registering a new business under any of the suitable business structures is a vital prerequisite for the business to operate. There are a number of business entities to choose from, and these business entities provide a separate existence to the enterprise in order to structure to the organisation and also for the purpose of taxation. Out of the Read More…

How To Form A Company?

June 11th , 2019

One of the first steps when starting a new business, which is often not given enough thought to by the entrepreneur, but which is vital for the business to start operating, is deciding the type of business entity and registering the business. A business entity is broadly defined as an entity that is formed as well as administered by one Read More…

How To Start A Partnership Firm?

June 1st , 2019

When registering a partnership firm in India for startups, there are some basics that need to be covered. Partnership and proprietorship are the two most popular forms of business organisations in India. This is because these two forms of organisations are relatively easy to set up ad have a number of requirements that need to be followed that are less Read More…

Which Legal Structure Suits the Business? Company, Partnership, or Proprietary Concern?

July 17th , 2018

From all the things that you have to consider while starting your own business, one of the most important ones is deciding your legal business structure. It impacts the taxes you will pay, the amount of paperwork involved, your liability in the entity, your decision making power, and the money you will make. Here’s how you can decide which legal Read More…

Limited Liability Partnership – Structure of the Company, Flexibility of Partnership

July 4th , 2018

What is a Limited Liability Partnership? Limited Liability Partnership or LLP is a business structure which is formed by a legal LLP agreement. This LLP agreement holds information about how your business will run such as who will become the designated partner or assigned roles of various partners. However, it is necessary to have at least two designated partners who Read More…